Yes, there is now officially a period board game.

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There is now officially a period board game. And it’s awesome.

Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy, two former students at the Rhode Island School of Design were inspired by a class assignment to create The Period Game, which features a 3D model of a pair of ovaries. But now the game has gone even further than the two imagined, and is breaking barriers along the way.

“We both remember how menstruation was taught in school—everyone was so afraid of it, so afraid to ask questions. We want to change that, Daniela told Fusion.

The game has already been tested and approved by a group of 8-11 year old girls who were able to learn about menstruation cups from the game. Gameplay works by moving around the circular board, where the players must pick up tampons, pads, and more to prepare for the onset of their period. So cute!

It’s such a creative way to teach kids about periods, especially when learning about menstruation can often stigmatize the topic. We can only hope middle schools will decide to pick up this game asap for their students.

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