The Problem of College Girl Abductions and Why We Need to Talk About It

The abduction of college girls is a common problem across the world. Going to college is usually the first time young women in early adulthood step away from their families. But being away from the protection of their parents makes them easy targets for abduction.

How Common is the Abduction of College Girls?

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In 2021, the United States federal government estimated that about 790,000 adults were kidnapped. Unfortunately, these numbers don’t break down which of these adults were college girls specifically. But it’s clear that the issue is a lot more common than we’d like to admit.

Both family members and strangers can be kidnappers. Basically, parental abduction is the unauthorized custody of a child by a family member. It often happens around parental separation or divorce. Meanwhile, abduction by strangers is quite rare, but not unheard of.

There are many reasons for the abduction of college girls. One of the primary reasons is human trafficking. Young women are kidnapped and trafficked for a monetary profit. Sometimes, women are sold into sexual slavery. Others are forced into manual labor.

In the worst scenario, abduction is followed by murder.

Let’s have a look at some of the steps that can be taken to reduce the number of missing cases of college girls.

Why is it Important to Talk About College Girl Abductions

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One of the reasons for the high number of abductions is the lack of awareness about the issue. Most women do not know that they are at a high risk of getting kidnapped and disappearing. Due to this, they never take any actions to protect themselves.

Discussing any issue, including the kidnapping of young girls has the benefit of increasing awareness. This way, we can arm potential victims with the knowledge to secure themselves. Having conversations on the subject also helps in understanding the reasons for a problem, thereby creating scope for large-scale solutions.

What Are the Possible Solutions?

There are many ways to increase awareness. Here, we discuss the steps that can be taken by universities, governments, and state agencies, as well as students themselves.

School Assignments on the Problem of College Girls Abductions

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One of the changes that can be brought at the institutional level is taking up the responsibility for setting up more discussions on the problem of college girl kidnapping. Sometimes, universities do this by assigning essays on the issue of kidnapping and human trafficking. This encourages students to learn more about the problem of the abduction of college girls. Further, as there is an academic incentive in writing an essay, students end up researching the issue rather than simply brushing past it. If you are in a similar position, then you should ensure that the essay written by you addresses different aspects of the problem. You can do this by accessing your human trafficking essay sample for free and seeing what experts have written on the issue of kidnapping and trafficking. Once you go through the essay sample, you will have a much deeper knowledge of the missing cases involving college girls.

Awareness Campaigns by the Government

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Another change can be brought by the federal and state government by holding awareness campaigns that discuss the statistics on college girl abductions and provide resources to women for protecting themselves. These awareness campaigns should be held close to university campuses. By doing this, the government can both share information as well as learn more about the problems faced by college girls. For example, there might be certain areas of the campus that are not well lit at night. In such a case, actions can be taken to provide greater protection to young women.

Protests by Students

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Apart from bringing changes at the institutional level, students could take various steps by themselves to increase protection. One way of doing so is by holding awareness protests. These can be held during the day and in such a position that the majority of the college students can witness it. This provides a chance of having open discussions on the issue of kidnapping of college women.

Discussions by Experts

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Another great way of increasing awareness is by having discussions led by experts on the issue. By doing this, students can learn how deep-rooted the problem is. Along with this, they can directly ask questions and get answers from experts. In order to increase participation, some steps can be taken to integrate such seminars or conferences with the academic courses. This way, students will be encouraged to actively participate and learn more about the causes of abductions.

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