'The Summer I Turned Pretty': Lola Tung On How She Finally Got Rid of Her Hormonal Acne

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Like most of us, The Summer I Turned Pretty actress Lola Tung has dealt with her fair share of acne. But after completely changing her skincare routine a year ago, she’s finally ditched those pesky hormonal breakouts.

So, what’s her secret? It turns out that switching to clean skincare products was the key. In a video for Vogue, she explained,

“I think clean products have definitely affected my skin and probably changed it for the better… Like, I had a very different skincare routine a year ago and I look at pictures from that time in my life and my skin was pretty unpredictable and I feel like I haven’t gotten any crazy breakouts in a while.”

Lola says she decided to switch up her skincare routine while filming The Summer I Turned Pretty, opting for clean, vegan, and cruelty-free products. She explained,

“I have tried to curate a skincare routine and makeup routine that’s entirely cruelty free. I feel like there are a lot of brands now that have moved in that direction and it’s always been something that’s been important to me.”

The results are obvious — Lola’s skin is clearly glowing.

If you’re interested in trying out Lola’s favorite products, check out her skincare routine below.

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1. Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner

Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner, $18

Note: Good Molecules asserts the product is vegan and cruelty-free on its website but they currently don’t have any certifications

2. Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Blue Tansy Balancing Fail Oil

Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Blue Tansy Balancing Face Oil, $74

Lola says she uses four drops — more if her skin is particularly dry.

Note: All of Herbivore Botanicals’ products are Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty free and PETA-approved vegan

3. Herbivore Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream

Herbivore Botanicals Pink Cloud Soft Moisture Cream, $46

4. Westman Atelier Skin Activator Serum

Westman Atelier Skin Activator Serum, $209

Lola says, “When I get those dry spots and it’s hard for makeup to sit on top of it, this just saves the day.”

Note: Westman Atelier claims to be non-comedogenic but does not make any assertions about being cruelty free or vegan

5. Cocokind Daily SPF

Cocokind Daily SPF, $25

Lola recalls, “My mom was really, really adamant about me and my sister wearing it when we were younger and reapplying throughout the day. I was always the kid who was like, did everybody apply their sunscreen?”

Note: Cocokind makes no assertions regarding being clean, cruelty-free, or vegan

6. ILIA Natural Lip Wrap Reviving Balm

ILIA Natural Lip Wrap Reviving Balm, $24

According to Lola, “It has this, like, cooling effect. It’s got, like, a minty sort of scent.”

Note: ILIA claims to be vegan and cruelty free on their website but does not currently have any certifications

7. Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hibiscus Face Mist, $36

Lola says she uses the spray “just for the vibes.”

8. Live Tinted Eye Masks

Live Tinted Eye Masks, $22

Lola explains, “We got sent a bunch of them on set and we used them all the time and I love them so much that I bought them for my mom.”

Note: Live Tinted is Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty free and claims to be clean and vegan

9. Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream

Cocokind Revitalizing Eye Cream, $20

Lola loves the eye cream because “it has this lovely, like, applicator that’s also very cooling.”

Want to see more of Lola Tung’s skincare and beauty routine? Check out the full Vogue video here.


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