The Sustainable Clothing Brands Stylish Girls Everywhere Are Obsessed With

sustainable clothing brands

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Many of us may not know what sustainable fashion exactly means, especially with fast fashion all over the world, and so readily available.

Fast fashion is basically clothing that is easily available, is cheap, and is usually bought for short-term use.

So, what is sustainable fashion and what makes it so different from fast fashion?

Sustainable fashion is quite the opposite of fast fashion, and, as the name goes, is the more sustainable option when it comes to clothing. From the designing of the product to sourcing the raw materials to the whole process of production to even keeping in mind how this whole process can affect the environment, the people who make these clothes, and the consumers.

Moreover, the whole concept and idea behind sustainable fashion is gaining popularity. Brands, especially big brands, are starting to opt for sustainable fashion as consumers are now making more conscious decisions with respect to the environment. You can even try some of the best wholesale clothing liquidation companies to buy all the branded stuff at really reasonable prices.

A point to keep in mind is that, while the concept of sustainable clothing does help in protecting the environment in the long run, no clothing is completely eco-friendly. Every garment has some negative impact, which is why a number of brands are working on combating issues in the fashion industry.

You may also notice that sustainable products tend to cost more as compared to the clothes from fast fashion. This is only because sustainable clothing lasts longer as compared to fast fashion clothing. And moreover, the materials and the processes that are used in the making of these clothes tend to be on the pricier end as well.

Again, if you are planning to buy sustainable fashion that follows ethical methods and create durable clothing pieces, then there are higher chances that you will end up paying more as compared to what you would have paid for fast fashion. This is simply because of the fact that these pieces from sustainable fashion are meant to last for a really long time, and we are talking in years.

So, what is the sustainable clothing brand that stylish girls everywhere are obsessed with?

1. Levi’s


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Levi’s is primarily a clothing brand that manufactures denim, and everyone knows about them. For just one pair of jeans, more than two thousand gallons of water is used, apart from the whole process of growing cotton and dyeing it as well. Levi’s came up with a new initiative called water < less collection, which actually uses about ninety-six percent less water to make denim. The company focuses on the whole finishing process to remove water wherever it can be removed.

All of us know how famous Levi’s is and its role in the denim industry. With this move, you can only imagine the impact they are able to create on the environment. And moreover, they share all their detailed sustainability commitments throughout the complete product life cycle to the public.



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Every piece of clothing made by this brand is certified organic by the GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD, which just indicates that they follow organic guidelines throughout the whole process of manufacturing of cotton garments. They are also Fair Trade certified, which is basically that this brand also looks at a number of factors like the wages of the employees and the working conditions of the employee, all fall under ethical guidelines. The cotton garments made by PACT are very soft and you can definitely wear them every single day.

3. H&M Conscious


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Everyone knows about the big brand H&M, which is well known for fast fashion clothing. But they have also started a line of clothing that lessens their impact on the environment. The pieces start off at about ten dollars so that you do not have to spend a whole load of money in order to shop from sustainable fashion.

Apart from that, you also have the option of recycling the clothes that you no longer want at H&M stores in order to get a discount to buy a new piece of clothing. Regardless of whether the clothes you give are torn or can’t be worn again, this brand will make sure that the clothes are used for something else and will definitely not land up in a landfill.

Shopping sustainably is something that everyone should start if they have not already. Moreover, the quality of the clothes produced is never compromised. And apart from that, there is a countless number of brands that tend to produce quality pieces of garments in accordance to the latest trends, and you can even customize or get your clothes from these sustainable brands who upcycle your old clothes to something new, and in your size.