The Ultimate Gift Guide For When You've Officially Run Out Of Ideas

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With the holidays just around the corner, you might be on the lookout for a wonderful gift for your loved ones. It can be hard to know what to get for them, especially if they are someone who buys stuff throughout the year. Have you ever heard the saying ‘what do you get someone that has everything?’ If you have run out of ideas, take a look below for some inspiration. Maybe you will see something you haven’t thought of yet.

1. Personalized

personalized custom gift ideas
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These days you can pretty much personalize *anything*. Thinks shirts, stationery, monogram necklaces, candles, bags, duffles, etc. And it’s actually much cheaper than you’d expect. Some brands charge minimal fees to add initials to already-existing products. Or, you can create something from scratch on places like Zazzle, where you can design everything from tees to mugs to ornaments and beyond.

2. Jewelry

jewelry gift ideas for women
credit: Gabrielle Henderson

Trust us when we say: women who love jewelry can never have enough. Too many necklaces? Oh, please! Too many rings? Definitely not!

The secret to picking out jewelry for someone else will be to pay attention to what styles and metals they already wear. So, you’ll need to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes for this one. Do they typically wear gold or silver-plated pieces? Do they like big statement pieces or simple, classic, dainty pieces? Are their ears pierced? Do they prefer trendy over classic or are they more into vintage? The details here will be key.

Once you figure out what they like, you can shop for jewelry online at places like Dreamland Jewelry to find something in your price range.

3. Experiences

experience gift ideas
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Turns out gifting an experience may be a better idea than giving an item, according to this study by The Journal of Positive Psychology. The study found that people who received experiences as gifts enjoyed “greater well-being” and considered them to be a better use of money.

The experience you gift will have to depend on who the recipient is. An adventurous friend might prefer a sky-diving lesson while someone more chill could prefer a wine tasting. Other ideas include boat tours, food tours, kayaking, a day with a personal shopper, a cooking class, and more.

4. Plants

gifts for plant lovers
credit: Katke Pavlickova

Haven’t you heard? Plant ladies are the new cat ladies! The best thing about indoor plants is that they last a lot longer than other gifts and can be personally tailored to the recipient’s personality. An experienced plant lover may appreciate the challenge of an orchid while a novice might prefer a cute little cactus.

Plants also vary widely in price so you’re sure to find something within your budget, whether you’re purchasing for your co-worker in a Secret Santa or for your bestie of 10+ years.

5. Collectables

gift ideas collectables
credit: Erik Mclean

If someone in your life has an obsession with pop culture or rare books, for example, they appreciate a collectible or replica to add to their collection. There are plenty of places where you can get Thor’s hammer or even a first edition of Peter Rabbit.

These types of gifts definitely come with a price and are probably best reserved for someone super special in your life.

6. Kitchen Gadgets

foodie gift ideas
credit: Pavel Danilyuk

If your recipient is a total foodie, then a kitchen gadget or tool might be the way to go.

First, make sure you know what kind of gadgets your foodie already has and what they might like to get. For example, a baker would probably prefer cake pans, cookie cutters, and mixing bowls.

And you don’t have to limit your ideas to just gadgets. You can also pick out some fancy condiments, like a special hot sauce, or an assortment of spices from around the world, which would be perfect for the adventurous cook.

7. New Tech

tech gift guide ideas
credit: Vazhnik

You know the type: the techie who just has to have the latest in everything. Sometimes this person can be a bit tricky because they seem to already have it all, but there are always new products coming out all the time. Think top-notch headphones, gaming consoles, iPhone accessories, tablets, readers, VR sets, and more.

Since these items can get a bit pricey, make sure you keep an eye out for Black Friday sales so you can get a good deal

8. Spa Services

spa gift ideas
credit: Engin Akyurt

Spa services technically fall into the “experiences” category but there are so many different items under the spa umbrella, we decided to include a special spotlight. Spa services can include anything from facials to massages to body scrubs. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can plan an entire spa day that can give the receipt a true day of relaxation.

While spa services may stereotypically appeal to women, people of all genders would definitely appreciate a good massage (especially given how stressed everyone is these days!).

9. A Subscription

subscription gift guide ideas
credit: Elina Fairytale

There are so many options when it comes to subscription services these days that you can literally find something for everyone. Below are just a few ideas:

• Gym subscription
• Cooking box subscription
• Makeup or fashion box subscription
• App monthly subscription (like Headspace)
• A class pass to kickboxing, Zumba, yoga, or other fun activities
• A subscription to Masterclass

10. Frame Something Personal

personalized gift ideas guide
credit: Tom Balabaud

If you’re buying a gift for someone special, try getting a meaningful picture framed for them. This could be anything from a picture of the two of you to a beautiful photo they took on their last vacation.

Make sure you go to a professional so the picture will be fitted and matted perfectly.

11. Quality or Custom Stationery

custom personalized gift ideas
credit: Gabrielle Henderson

If your recipient likes to kick it old school, they may enjoy personalized stationery. But this doesn’t have to just mean a set of letters and envelopes. Stationery can include anything from journals to planners, to a good quality pen.

You can also look for pre-made sets of quality stationery that will appear to their tastes.

12. Books

book gift ideas
credit: Leah Kelley

If your recipient is a big reader, then a book or two is the perfect option. To make the gift a bit more personal, try giving them a book that you’ve read and has meaning to you. They’ll be touched that you want to share something special with them and it can create a great bonding moment.

13. Gift Card

gift ideas guides
credit: Ekaterina Shevchenko

We know, we know, gift cards are typically a last resort. But realistically, a gift card may be the best option, especially if you’re not super familiar with the recipient. If your giftee is a co-worker you picked in Secret Santa or you’re going to a holiday party with a gift exchange, an American Express gift card (which can be spent anywhere that accepts Amex) could be the perfect fix.

Gift cards can also be great options for the person you love but is *impossible* to buy for. Sometimes, they just want to pick out their own gift and that’s 100% OK.


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