These 6 Onesies Will Make Dressing Your Baby and Toddler *So* Much Easier

In collaboration with León & Bird

With so many baby and little kid onesies on the market, it should be pretty easy to find the perfect one, right? If only it were that simple!

Itchy, poor materials and frustrating closures make finding what should be an easy outfit way more complicated than it needs to be.

But we recently discovered the Australian kids clothing brand León & Bird and we’re absolutely obsessed! The eco-friendly company has created what they’ve dubbed “the romperoo” — an innovative onesie with a “magic stretchy neck” that allows you to merely slip on the onesie and go. That means no more dealing with difficult snaps, buttons, or other closures while your baby tries to crawl away!

Every romperoo is made from 95% organic cotton and is 100% vegan. León & Bird also works closely with a certified-ethical facility in Turkey to make sure the entire line is kind to the planet as well.

The collection is specifically made to make dressing wriggly babies easier and quicker than ever. But the romperoos are also perfect for little ones with sensitive skin and/or any child with sensory-friendly needs. Oh, and did we mention the rompers are gender-neutral?

León & Bird’s latest drop is their Sprinkle Galaxy Collection, which consists of six colorful romperoos. The entire collection features hand-painted, watercolor illustrations of — you guessed it — the sprinkle galaxy! Composed of sugary stars, fiery shooting butterballs, and fluffy clouds of fairy bread, the sprinkle galaxy is a magical place perfect for the imaginative child.

The collection was dreamt up by León & Bird founder Sandra, a mom of three, who wanted to bring her love of color and whimsy to kids clothing. She said,

“My vision is to bring you practical, fun, and colorful childrenswear that is inspired by the magic of imagination, whilst supporting our most precious resources — people, animals, and our planet.”

Check out the entire Sprinkle Galaxy Collection for yourself below.

1. Sprinkle Galaxy Organic Romper

sustainable kids clothing
Courtesy León & Bird

The collection’s namesake romperoo is covered with beautiful illustrations of the sprinkle galaxy against a blue background. Sizes 6mo-36mo.

2. Goldie and Quentin Astronaut Organic Romper

sustainable baby onesies
courtesy León & Bird

This sleeveless romperoo features Goldie the Gouldian Finch and Quentin the Quokka as they explore the sprinkle galaxy as astronauts. Sizes 6mo-36mo.

3. Rocket Organic Romper

organic ethical onesies
courtesy León & Bird

This adorable short-sleeve romperoo shows Goldie and Quentin traveling the galaxy in their very own rocket ship! Sizes 6mo-36mo.

4. Grey Galaxy Long Sleeve Organic Romper

gender neutral baby clothes
courtesy León & Bird

The only long-sleeve romperoo in the collection, this cozy piece has just a touch of the sprinkle galaxy on the sleeves and leg cuffs, as well as on the little pocket. Sizes 6mo-36mo.

5. Goldie Organic Romper

gender neutral kids clothing
courtesy León & Bird

It’s all about Goldie! The lightweight, sleeveless romperoo features a beautiful watercolor illustration of Goldie with a trail of sugar stars behind her.

6. Grey Galaxy Short Sleeve Organic Romper

gender neutral baby toddler clothing
courtesy León & Bird

Just like the long-sleeve romperoo of the same name, this little number has a splash of the sprinkle galaxy on the short sleeves and leg cuffs.

To learn more and León and Bird, and to shop the entire Sprinkle Collection Collection, head to their website here.

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