These Ballet Sneakers Are About to Be Your Next Obsession

ballet sneakers ballerina flats

It’s officially time to trade in your ballet flats for ballerina sneakers.

Ballet flats have been the dominating trend of 2024 so far with everyone rocking pretty much every style from patent leather to mary janes to pearl-embellished pairs.

Those committed to the trend even wore them in winte, pairing them with chunky socks and channeling their inner 80s ballerina.

Personally, the back of my ankles are still recovering from all the blisters they endured the last time ballet flats came into vogue (I don’t care how many articles claim they’re more comfortable than pumps. My feet say otherwise.).

So, I’m officially making the switch the ballet sneakers.

I know, I know — ballet sneakers aren’t exactly new. Simone Rocha first debuted its iconic ballerina sneakers in 2021. And if you’ve seen any iteration of the shoe (below), you know they’re the perfect combo of edgy and feminine (which is pretty much in Simone Rocha’s DNA). The shoes have a chunky base with strappy tops — sometimes embellished with pearls or crystals for an extra touch of bling.

But Simone Rocha’s ballerina sneakers aren’t exactly cheap. A pair can cost you a minimum of $900 (and that’s on sale).

Other brands have tried their hands at the sneaker — Rombaut and Ganni to name a few. But those can still run you a few hundred dollars.

Fortunately, Amazon-famous brand JW Pei recently debuted its version of a ballerina sneaker this past fall and they are *actually* affordable at $100 a pair. Not to mention they’re super cute and highly rated. While I haven’t had a chance to try them myself, reviews rave at how comfortable they are. One buyer wrote,

“They fit perfectly (true to size) and I was immediately taken back on how well constructed they were. They not only look great on me but they are also very comfortable.”

They also come in a ton of colors, although I’m partial to the pink satin pair myself. But the denim ones are pretty cool if you’re looking to get in on the denim-on-denim trend and the silver sneakers are right on the mark as far as the metallic shoe trend goes.

JW Pei’s Ballerina Sneaker is much more sneaker-like than its competitors. I personally find this to be a plus but if you’re looking for a strappier version of the sneaker, Lazy Oaf makes a cute (and affordable) pair of lace-up sneakers that only cost about $150.

Shop the JW Pei Ballerina Sneaker on Amazon below.

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