Why must fashion be the enemy of women?

While designers have recently taken an interest in feminism and the resistance movement, one designer seems to have missed the memo.

At Dion Lee’s NYFW runway show, models walked down the runway with bras printed on blazers and blazer dresses with upper boob cutouts. The former is called “Tailored Wool Blazer with woven brassiere” and the latter is the “Lingerie Blazer Dress.”

Um, what?

Women already have a hard enough time getting taken seriously in the office. And dressing sexier is certainly not the answer. So what on Earth are these designers thinking?

Credit: Dion Lee/ Instagram

I realize these looks are probably not meant for office wear (at $325+ a pop, most working women couldn’t afford it anyway). But the aesthetic is still disturbing. And with all the sexual misconduct in the office being exposed through the #MeToo movement, these designs couldn’t be more out of touch.

Pop culture images are pervasive and no matter Dion Lee’s intention, her message is clear: women aren’t meant for the boardroom, only the bedroom. I’d really like to avoid going back to the days of Mad Men if you don’t mind, when sexualizing women in the office was openly accepted and women could never rise above secretary.

We’ve worked so hard to climb the ladder and these clothes aren’t doing us any favors.

I realize this may seem like an overreaction to just a few garments of clothing. But it’s the fourth wave of feminism and we can’t let any nonsense like this slide by. No sexism can be tolerated anymore. It’s time we put a stop to anything and everything that could bring us down, once and for all.

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