How to Cure the This Is Us Finale Blues: Watch the Pearson Kids Perform their Adult Counterparts’ Lines

this is us finale
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Okay, everyone just breathe. We know, we know… coming to terms with the fact that the This Is Us finale for season one finally aired is a lot to handle. It’s probably best for our emotions, though, right?

For those who still have to catch up, we won’t give anything away. We’ll just say that the finale answered a few things, but also left many questions unanswered. Because of course, they did.

One thing that there is no question about, is the adorability of the show’s youngest stars. And probably the only thing cuter than them on the show is them in this clip released by E! News. In it, the “Big 3” actors perform some of the biggest lines by their adult counterparts.

Catch Lonnie Chavis (Randall), Mackenzie Hancsicsak (Kate) and Parker Bates (Kevin) kill it in their recitation.

It will be interesting to see the official ratings for the This Is Us finale. They may not be as high as originally predicted, but for good reason.

Deadline reports that perhaps the top spot for the night may have been taken by Rachel Maddow on Tuesday. At the same airtime, she released information from Trump’s tax returns on MSNBC (a fellow NBC network).

Regardless, do you think we can still use Milo Ventimiglia’s excuse note to get us out of school and work today?
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