Tina Fey Has Something to Say To White Female Trump Voters

Tina Fey has some strong words for white, college-educated female Trump voters.

During a star-studded Facebook live ACLU benefit telethon, Fey chatted about women’s issues and the importance of fighting for rights, even if it is not something that impacts our lives directly.

The conversation turned to the fact that 53% of white women voted for Trump, and Tina had some strong opinions, of course.

She said,

“A lot of this election was turned by white, college-educated women who now would maybe like to forget about this election and go back to watching HGTV…I would want to urge them to like, ‘You can’t look away’ because it doesn’t affect you this minute, but it’s going to affect you eventually.”

She added,

“I personally will make my own pledge as a college-educated white woman to not look away to not pretend that things are happening now won’t eventually affect me if we don’t put a stop to it.”

We agree and ask for people to really take it that step further.

Don’t just take action because a choice affects you, take action because it affects your community, country and world. Get mad, and displace that anger into positive action. If you’re feeling regretful or mad because you’re suddenly affected by a Trump administration decision, you’ve waited too long.

If you’re interested in contacting your representatives to express your opinions, you can learn more on how to do that here.

Allie Bush
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