Tips for Creating the Best Halloween Couples Costume This Year

halloween couples costume ideas
credit: Koolshooters

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Halloween excitement is already filling the air at the farmer’s market where it seems to be raining pumpkins and apple cider. Meantime, department stores are busy building spooky displays filled with Halloween-themed knick-knacks and every costume you can imagine.

Indeed, customers are already hitting the costume aisle looking for the best ideas in Halloween couple costumes this year. And if you’ve already penciled in your Halloween party schedule, you’ll want to get your costume together early before the good stuff sells out.

Here are a few tips and ideas for creating the best Halloween couple costumes this year.

What’s Your Style?

couples halloween costume ideas
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You’ll want to start talking costumes with your significant other weeks before the spooky holiday so you can brainstorm ideas and decide what matches your couple’s style. Think about words that describe you, such as funny, sexy, adventurous, romantic, or spooky. Additionally, put your heads together and make a list of your favorite Halloween costumes from parties past or consider your favorite movies, music groups, or historical figures. The task of selecting the perfect Halloween couple costumes will be easier when you have a basis to start from.

Decide On a Theme

halloween couples costumes ideas
credit: Koolshooter

Start narrowing your options by deciding on a theme for this Halloween’s best couples costume. For starters, consider your favorite celebrity couples. Conversely, you could pinpoint your theme to an era like the 1970s. Want something super kooky and spooky this year? How about Morticia and Gomez Adams? With Gomez famously doting on Morticia 24/7, make sure your significant other is giving you plenty of spooky attention. Now, if Gomez’s public displays of affection are just too much, consider some of these ideas for the perfect couples costume this year:

• Beetlejuice and Lydia
• Superman and Lois Lane
• Cinderella and Prince Charming
• Belle and the Beast
• Sonny and Cher
• Jason Voorhees and his mother
• George and Martha Washington
• Batman and Batgirl or Catwoman
• Queen Nefertiti and King Akhenaten
• Han Solo and Princess Leia

If you’re still fretting over what to wear this Halloween, consider shopping online for the best Halloween couple costumes, where you’re certain to find an ample selection of themes and ideas for making your spooky holiday the best one yet!

DIY and Steal the Spooky Show

couples costumes ideas
credit: Daisy Anderson

If you’re wanting to save money or you’ve set a costume budget this year, consider making your own unique costume. Celebrating Halloween can be as simple as painting your face with kitty whiskers, a black nose, and heavy eyeliner. Buy an inexpensive headband with kitty ears, and voilà!

In the meantime, check your closets to see what you already have left over from past years. You may find you already have enough ideas and inspiration on hand for the perfect costume for you and your significant other. If you need additional supplies, order what you need early so you don’t miss out on anything that might be sold out.

Dance the Monster Mash

couples costume ideas
credit: Ron Lach

Consider these tips and ideas for creating your best Halloween couple costumes this year. Shop early for costumes or supplies if you’ll be creating your own and have your costume ready before the Halloween festivities begin. Whether you’re entertaining trick-or-treaters or dancing the monster mash, you’ll be ready to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year!