'To All the Boys 3': Lara Jean's Best Hair Moments

to all the boys 3
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Lara Jean Covey’s hair accessories have always been on-point and it’s no different in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before: Always and Forever.

If anything, Lara Jean has stepped up her game. Don’t worry — LJ hasn’t completely abandoned her signature half messy bun look, she’s just adjusted it a bit. Because although she still rocks the occasional scrunchie, she’s mostly graduated to satin hair scarves and silk bows.

Check out her best hair accessories from To All the Boys 3 — and exactly where to get them.

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1. Peach Hair Scarf

lara jean actress

To All the Boys 3 was all about silk hair accessories and this peach hair scarf is a perfect dupe for the one LJ rocked while in Korea.

2. Satin Bow Scrunchie

to all the boys ive loved before

Lara Jean upgraded her regular scrunchies to satin ones with bows like this beautiful one here.

3. Polka Dot Scarf

to all the boys always and forever cast

Completely obsessed with Lara Jean in this yellow mixed print hair scarf!

4. Pink Chiffon Scrunchie Scarf

lara jean to all the boys 3

Lara Jean took her half bun to the next level with this pretty chiffon scrunchie-scarf combo.

5. Yellow Polka Dot Headband

do lara jean and peter stay together

Ditching our little yellow polka dot bikini for the little yellow polka dot hair scarf instead.

6. Bandana Headband

lana condor lara jean scrunchies

Bandanas have never looked so cute!

7. Velvet Scrunchie

lara jean actress lana condor

Why wear a regular scrunchie when you can upgrade to velvet? This set will keep you going all of winter.

8. Tortoiseshell Headband

where to get lara jean hair scrunchies

A hard-shell headband? Say it ain’t so, LJ! We never thought we’d see the day when Lara would sport something like this.

9. Yellow Ribbed Scrunchie

dp lara jean and peter stay together

Lara Jean gave a twist to the regular scrunchie by wrapping a ribbed one around her pony.

10. Little Bow Headband

lara jean covey lana condor hair

BRB, adding a super soft pink headband to our weekend look.

11. Stretchy Headband

lara jean scrunchies to all the boys

Lara Jean went old-school with a classic stretchy yoga headband for her final scene with her sisters.


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