Update: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Tom Sandoval Says TomTom Bar Will Be Very 'Cutting Edge'

Vanderpump Rules has returned but things started a bit shaky. Right off the bat, Tom Sandoval and Lisa Vanderpump are arguing over their new bar.

Tom is worried that Lisa will leave him out of the decision making and Lisa feels like Tom is being an unappreciative little punk. Both very valid concerns.

The show has been playing coy with viewers about whether the bar will actually happen. Sandoval recently chatted with L.A. Confidential about the status of the restaurant, and while he said things still “look good,” apparently it’s not a done deal yet.

“It’s not all one hundred percent set in stone, but I feel very fortunate that Ken and Lisa are in this because I would be extremely, without them, I would just be very overwhelmed.”

Of course, this could just be Tom trying to mess with us, because as far as we know, progress is still being made on the renovations. Tom even told TooFab,

“I was worried it would just be another Villa Blanca, another Sur, another Pump and just say TomTom on it. But it’s actually going to be very different, very cutting edge. It’ll probably have the best or some of the best cocktails in boys town.”

Uh, sounds like a lot of misdirection to me. Why is he trying to mess with us?

Lisa first propositioned the boys last season at Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s wedding (yes, they’re still married) and at first Schwartz was pretty reluctant. He previously told Bravo,

“At first I was just like ‘Oh my god, I can’t do this. I don’t want to tarnish your reputation that you spent 30 years building.’ Plus, also, in that moment I was emotionally fried. I just couldn’t even process what she was proposing to me.”

According to TMZ, work is being done on a spot in West Hollywood on the same block as SUR and PUMP. The new restaurant was set to open in November, but obviously, that hasn’t happened. I guess Bravo decided to play up the “will they or won’t they” angle this season.

Vanderpump Rules airs on Bravo, Mondays at 9 PM.


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