Weekly LIE-nup: Top 8 Lies Trump Told This Week

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So many lies in such a short amount of time. If you’re having trouble keeping up with all the lies Trump and company tell (we know we are), we’ve got you covered. Welcome to a new weekly column called the “LIE-nup” (get it?). Here’s a list of the major lies, or “alternative facts,” the admin tried to pass off this week.

  1. Spicer announced that “even Hitler didn’t sink to using chemical weapons” during a press conference on Syria and their decision to launch missiles.

This is obviously false as Hitler gassed millions in the gas chambers of concentration camps (NOT “Holocaust centers, as Spicer called them).

  1. Trump said in an interview with Fox that his new health care bill “will save perhaps $900 billion… I’m saving a tremendous amount — hundreds of hundreds of millions of dollars we’re saving on health care.”

Um, false. According to the CBO — which, as a reminder, is nonpartisan — the Republican health care bill would reduce the deficit by about $337 billion over the course of a decade. Of course, that’s only if (and that’s a big if) they can get it to pass.

  1. In the same interview, he said that Hillary Clinton “was guilty on every charge” in regards to her private email scandal.

FALSE. Last summer, the FBI found Clinton was not guilty on any count.

  1. After Toyota announced its new investment in a Kentucky plant, Trump took credit for it, saying “already we’ve created 6000,000 jobs.”

Again, not true. Trump had literally nothing to do with the Toyota deal. Are you starting to sense a pattern here?

  1. After attacking Syria and angering Syria’s ally Russia, Trump said, “We may be at an all-time low in terms of the relationship with Russia.”

Remember the Cold War? Yeah, we personally think that was worse.

  1. Trump repeated his announcement that “Last month, we saw a 64% reduction in illegal immigration on our southern border.” And then proceeded to take credit.

While the Chicago Tribune notes that this number is technically accurate, they note that the number incorporates the entire month of January — for which Trump was only President for 11 days out of the month.

  1. In an interview with The New York Times, Trump said he “didn’t know Bannon” prior to hiring him in October to join his campaign.

Public record clearly disputes this and Trump actually announced the hiring of Bannon back in August. At the time, he said he had known Bannon for several years.

  1. While speaking about the nation’s unemployment rate he said, “We have 100 million people” who want jobs and can’t get them.

Where did this number come from? Nobody knows.

Obviously, there were a ton more lies this week, but these ones definitely top the list.


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