Top Tips To Successfully Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape

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In order to get the perfect hairstyle, you’ll want several key factors to come together. The first of these is deciding the right style for you. The decision regarding which style you desire is often based on what style your favorite celebrity is currently using.

The second, and perhaps most important factor, is that your hair is healthy and looks fantastic. This is best achieved by using high-quality natural products such as those in the Olaplex hair treatments range. You’ll find a selection of shampoos, conditioners, and other treatments for all types of hair, ensuring you look your best.

The third part of the equation is recognizing what type of face you have as this will affect your hairstyle choice. Specifically, it will make a difference in how you part your hair.

Round Faces


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If you have a round face then you have a wide hairline and your face will appear full below the cheekbones. Your main aim is to make your face appear longer which can be achieved by having longer hair and parting it in the middle or adopting a deep side part. Both of these raise the forehead and make your face look longer than it is, approaching an oval face.

Oval Faces


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Oval faces are those that are longer than they are wide, your jawline needs to be narrower than your cheeks. It is often perceived as the most desirable face shape and is certainly the most adaptable. In short, you can get away with any hairstyle and any parting if you have an oval face!

Square Faces


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Square faces have wide jaws and wide foreheads, effectively creating equal portions in all facial directions and causing the face to appear square. If you have a square face your aim; will be to soften the width and lengthen your face. This is best achieved by adding height to your hair, perhaps by volumizing or texturing.

In this instance you need to go for a side parting, it will disrupt the squareness and automatically soften your face. A deep side parting is fine but don’t go too deep, let your bangs curl across your forehead and frame your face, it will create a fantastic look.

Heart Faces


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People with heart faces tend to have narrow chins and wide foreheads. You’ll want to make the chin look wider and fuller to help balance the forehead and ensure you are literally glowing.

To achieve this you should try the deep side part, it draws attention away from your chin as it exposes your forehead more. Allow your hair to fall against your face, framing it and ideally coming down to your shoulder. It will instantly soften the face and make you look fantastic.

Final Thoughts

Identifying your face shape is important if you want to choose the right style of parting. But, it is even more important to ensure that you are happy, comfortable, and confident with the results because that’s what really counts.