Listen up, CEOs: Tory Burch is talking to YOU!

Tory Burch has a bone to pick with other CEOs. She’s giving her employees time off to vote and she thinks they should follow her lead!

In a recent op-ed for The Wall Street Journal, she expressed her distaste for the low voter turnout. And while others call it apathy, she has a sneaking suspicion that another force is at play: voters just aren’t given the luxury of time off to vote and so they don’t. But the designer and businesswoman is out to change all of that. She wrote,

“Voting is the cornerstone of democracy. Yet, nearly half of Americans who can vote don’t. The U.S. ranks 31st among the 35 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in voter turnout.”

And while she believes that legislative action is needed to really change things, she knows that as CEO of her own company, she can make a difference.

“As the CEO of a company, I can ensure that our employees have one less impediment to voting—time off to vote. We are giving our employees time off on Election Day, Nov. 8, and we are making voter registration materials and information available. We call on our fellow corporate citizens to do the same. #TimeOffToVote”

It is rare that a CEO gets to make a decision that is as black and white as this one. Giving employees time off on Election Day will not only facilitate their participation in our democratic system—a net win for all of us—it will also foster a culture in which the importance of voting is recognized and celebrated.”

So will other CEOs follow suit? Only time will tell.


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