Trump Vs. Larry the Cat: The Ultimate Showdown

Donald Trump officially has a new nemesis. His name is Larry. Larry the cat.

For those not in the know, Larry is Chief Mouser to the Cabinet. He was adopted from the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to deal with a rat infestation in 2011 and has held the position ever since. He’s actually the 10th Chief Mouser since King Henry VIII’s cat in 1515.

But back to his feud with Trump.

Our Liar-in-Chief is currently abroad in the U.K. despite numerous protests from British citizens. And so, Larry decided to launch his own protest.

trump uk visit
Larry, left, glaring at Trump and Melania

While Trump was on Downing Street, Larry decided to plop himself directly under Trump’s limo, preventing Trump from leaving the premises. He refused to move.

trump larry the cat
Larry sitting under Trump’s limo

Larry also sent glares to the Trump family during the visit and was caught giving side eye from his perch.

Since the incident, Larry has taken to his unofficial twitter account to openly mock Trump. He even posted a sweet photo of him with President Obama with the caption,

“I made my choice….”

larry the cat obama
Larry with President Obama

Larry 1 Trump 0


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Header Photo Credit: Justin Ng Photographer 

Lena Finkel
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