Is Trump Ready to Give Up on Health Care?

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If you’ve been following this whole health care (“Trumpcare”) bill saga, you know things went off the rails yesterday when the House republicans suddenly postponed the vote. And now, new reports are saying that Trump is ready to give up on the bill altogether.

According to the New York Times, the President has issued an ultimatum to Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Republicans: Get this done today (Friday) or it’s over.

Trump is reportedly regretting backing the bill in the first place and wishing he decided to first pursue tax cuts rather than trying to haphazardly push this health care bill through. He says if the House does not call for a vote today and pass it through, then he is ready to move on.

The House Republicans supposedly called off the vote when they realized they didn’t have the numbers to pass the bill. In a last ditch effort, Trump met with Freedom Caucus members in an attempt to get their vote. However, by pushing their more conservative agenda and meeting their demands to further strip the Affordable Health Care Act of its stipulations to force insurance providers to provide minimum benefits, he risks losing more moderate conservative votes.

Even more so, most media outlets agree that even if the bill passes the House it will certainly fail in the Senate.

It begs the question: Why are they trying to push this health care bill through, anyways?

Of course, calling it “health care” is oxymoronic as the bill plans to strip 24 million Americans of their health care benefits, including many Medicaid recipients.

Stay tuned for updates on whether the House calls for a vote today.

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