It’s been almost two months since Donald Trump was sworn in as president. And as a 23-year-old woman fresh out of college, the presidency has definitely been a hard pill to swallow.

I sit here a young, white, cisgender female — I have it pretty good compared to the many minority groups who are currently fighting for their rights. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t felt the backlash from what Trump is doing. Instead, I constantly worry about my rights as a woman being taken away. Not to mention that I fear for my friends who are LGBTQ, black, Muslim, Hispanic and more.

I’m worried all of us may lose our rights. Although not everyone agrees that women still face inequalities, the truth is we are still paid less for the same work, our reproductive systems are constantly policed by men, and even our tampons are taxed while Viagra is government-funded. Really, the list could go on and on.

As a young woman who has gone out to fight for equality for years, hearing Trump’s campaign promises to take away so many of our rights was disheartening. It was even harder to watch a man who’s sexually assaulted women become our president.

How do we speak to the younger generation of girls and tell them to keep fighting when our supposed “leader” is constantly taking advantage of women? How do we tell people of different religions and races not to be scared for their lives when the man who runs America has made a political career of spreading Xenophobia?

These are questions that I ask myself every day.

But instead of being scared of what’s to come, we must be united. Life post-college during the era of Trump has taught me that we must stand together, fight for one another and show so much love for everyone that people can’t help but take notice.


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