The Trendiest Shows to Inspire Your 2022 Outfits

bridgerton season 2
credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

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It is difficult to find lots of people who have never heard about Netflix these days. This is one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world. Netflix brings impressive lists of the most popular TV shows for the modern generation of TV viewers. You can find shows of any genre once watching Netflix. Besides, you are free to roam a huge selection of offered TV shows any time you want them. You can always find something exciting to watch fast.

There are thousands of loyal Netflix fans that adore watching their best shows every day. In some counties, the Netflix shows are blocked due to state policies or other regulations. Still, even such restrictions do not stop young girls and boys from watching their favorite fashion TV shows and copying the images of their favorite characters.

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What Shows Are Trending In 2022?

There are many fashion shows on Netflix that are exceptionally interesting for the modern generation. Besides, these TV shows are a great way to spend time. It is easy to become super excited and just start binge-watching all the favorite series. What is more, lots of fashion shows can bring numerous ideas on how to prepare your original outfit. They offer many insights into the modern fashion world and the history of fashion. Also, these top trending shows are really good for helping people choose impressive outfits easily.


brudgerton season 2 outfits
credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2022

Bridgerton is the best TV show if you are interested in marvelous Regency-era costumes. This TV show describes the life of the London elite. There are numerous ball scenes, garden parties, and lots of drama in the show. It demonstrates the most interesting details of the Regency era with its debutantes, Duchesses, and Dukes. You can surely find the most impressive ball gowns once watching Bridgerton.


Friends is definitely one of the favorite TV shows for millions of people worldwide. This is one of the most interesting and charming shows. It offers the most iconic looks of the 90s that can be interesting for fashion people. Once checking the outfits of one of the main characters – Rachel Green – you can define the most winning and highly appreciated outfits of the 90s.

Emily in Paris

emily in paris season 2 outfits
credit: Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 2021

Emily in Paris is a real guidebook of Paris fashion. It offers the most impressive Paris fashion outfits. With the main character of the show being a fan of Parisian style, the viewers can check the best outfits that help her to navigate the busy life in the capital of France. The stylish Parisian wardrobe in the show is definitely something all people should see.

Bling Empire

bling empire outfits
Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

This is one of the most glamorous TV shows you can watch these days. The main character, Christine Chiu, is a real couture queen. She is the main fashion idol of the show. The series describes the glamorous life of rich Asian Americans and Asian people. They reside in Los Angeles and often visit various parties. They are fond of super expensive outfits and always want to look the most glamorous among the Los Angeles elite.

Sweet Magnolias

sweet magnolias outfits season 1
credit: Eliza Morse/Netflix © 2020

This fashion show on Netflix demonstrates the most inspiring outfits. It reveals the exciting summer fashion once telling the story of three best friends. A great drama is combined with impressive fashion solutions in the same series. This southern drama is an impressive and heartwarming story of love, family, and friendship.

Next in Fashion

next in fashion netflix
Courtesy Netflix

This TV series reveals a real fashion design competition. The 10-episode show offers the most exciting insights into the top fashion competition. Next in Fashion is the top series for those who adore the most outstanding fashion decisions and bright designers’ ideas.

Gossip Girl

This is one of the top TV shows with interesting turns of events and ultra-glam outfits. The key characters demonstrate the unique stylish outfits. The style of the main character, Serena van der Woodsen, is boho aesthetic and quite original. The TV show has lots of memorable fashion moments for viewers to see.


Netflix is the top entertaining platform these days. It offers access to a huge base of modern TV shows and classic series. Many young people adore spending time binge-watching Netflix series. What is more, it is a great way to check the most glamorous fashion TV shows. In certain countries, Netflix is blocked due to state regulations and restrictions. Still, many young girls and boys keep watching their best shows on Netflix by using advanced VPN tools. The latest VPNs allow accessing the blocked content in a few clicks. You can always download the named website unblocker quickly and for free. It is easy to use VPN software and get access to unblocked sites. What is more, VPN always improves safety and speed once you watch your best fashion shows on Netflix.