twitter anti spoilers
source: Pexels

Don’t you hate when you’re scrolling through Twitter and a big fat spoiler meets your eye and you wish you could turn back time? Yeah, same.

Twitter’s newest feature helps prevent that from happening, thank goodness.

The feature allows users to mute names, hashtags, words, etc. that might spoil a show they haven’t caught up on. So it is a feature you have to proactively enable, but it seems worth it.

People reports that users can set specific time periods for the phrases to be muted, and also that words are case-insensitive so you should be in the clear regardless of what letters you do or don’t capitalize.

This feature also comes at a time when Twitter announced that it would loosen up its 140 character restriction. ‘@ replies’ no longer count towards the 140 total. This feature began testing last fall, but now it is rolling out across all mobile and web users.

Perhaps these features aren’t completely changing the Twitter game, but they are certainly nice luxuries we can get on board with.

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