We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!

source: Apple

Tyra Banks has released her own brand of emojis and they are officially our new everything. They’re called TyTymojis because of course they are and they’re available on iTunes for under $1.

The TyTymojis include a variety of Tyras, “smize” stickers, and sassy teacups — you know, emojis you would use in your daily life.

source: Apple

And guess which former America’s Next Top Model contestant collaborated with Banks on the project…Allison Harvard! According to Cosmo, Harvard is Nyx Media’s project manager (Nyx produced the emojis). Harvard was the runner-up on cycle 12 and again on the all-star cycle 17.

Here’s a pic of the two fierce ladies reuniting:

source: Instagram

Now excuse us while we send Tyra Mail to our besties.

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