'This is Us' Star Chris Sullivan Just Low-Key Dissed Toby

You know all those amazing, romantic big gestures that Toby is always making on This is Us? Yeah, Chris Sullivan is not a fan.

While chatting with The Wraphe said,

“The knight-in-shining-armor stuff is kind of a load of bulls—. All of those gestures, as lovely as they are, and as informative as they are, and as grand as they are, they don’t mean anything to building a long-term relationship.”

He added,

“They don’t mean anything unless the two people involved get down honestly to their pain or to their suffering or to the source of their hurt, and go through that together.”

Well, it sounds like Toby and Kate are about to go through a lot more together in season 2, especially now that they’re engaged and living together. Now that the two are in L.A., Toby will start getting involved more and more in Kate and Kevin’s relationship. He told Rotten Tomatoes,

“Kevin’s around a bunch. It’ll be interesting to watch the dynamic in a romantic relationship as it navigates participating in long-running close-knit family ties.”

We’re really excited to see where Kate and Toby’s relationship goes as they navigate wedding planning and wading through deep family drama. As revealed earlier this season, Kate feels responsible for her dad’s death, so as we find out more about what happened, hopefully, we’ll see Toby help Kate deal with her complicated feelings.

This is Us airs Tuesdays on NBC.

Lena Finkel
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