‘Vanderpump Rules’: Can Someone Please Tell Brett He’s Not Actually a Nice Guy?

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Brett is one of the newest cast members on Vanderpump Rules. Brett swears he’s a nice, sensitive guy. Brett is full of shit.

Every time that smarmy L.A. stereotype is in a confessional, he goes on and on about how nice he is, clearly trying hard to sell us this narrative.

But I’m not buying it. Because every chance he gets, he’s calling Charli shallow or faking an interest in Max’s feeling towards Dayna.

But Brett’s behavior is always the worst when it comes to Scheana. It’s well documented that Scheana can be a bit aggressive when it comes to guys, so Brett tries to use that to his advantage to make himself look better.

Let’s take her music video, for example. The concept for it is a little racy — think Scheana and an equally hot model rolling around in bed while Scheana lip syncs to sultry “baby-making” music. It’s a scenario that’s been done a hundred times in R&B: a slightly obvious setup, but we all know sex sells.

vanderpump rules scheana shay music video
Scheana and Brett in Scheana’s music video for ‘One More Time’

Scheana recruited Brett to star as the male lead in her video, undoubtedly to capitalize on their collective Vanderpumps Rules fame. We don’t see much of the actual shoot, but we do see Brett pull Dayna aside to bitch about the shoot and play into the idea that Scheana is some sort of crazy cougar looking to get in his pants. He claims that he felt “violated” (his words not mine) and that, at some point, she offered him a blow job. Knowing Scheana, this was most likely said as a poor joke that didn’t really land, but Brett and Dayna use it to conclude she’s pathetic.

When Scheana tries to directly confront Brett about her, he immediately gaslights her and acts like she’s crazy.

vanderpump rules brett dayna
From Left: James, Raquel, Dayna, and Brett

Whatever your opinion is of Scheana, Brett’s behavior speaks volumes about his character. The fact that he never addressed the music video directly with Scheana and then seems annoyed when she addresses it is cowardly and icky.

Instead, he continuously mocks her behind her back to their mutual friends as well as in confessionals and uses every opportunity to make her seem like a pathetic groupie. He uses her for camera time and then is a total dick to her, hardly the behavior of an actual nice person.

Brett is that breed of guy who feels like, since he doesn’t act overtly like an asshole, he’s not an asshole. He easily regurgitates “the right thing to say”, cozies up to the popular crowd, and has a nice smile.

But below the surface, he’s a self-serving prick who is selectively nice. This type of person can be deeply frustrating because their shitty behavior is often hidden behind a sheen of so-called “kindness.”

What allows Brett to operate under this facade is (1) the “crazy female” stereotype he constantly uses against Scheana to make himself look like an innocent victim and (2) the idea that cattiness is behavior that only happens between women. To Brett, him bitching about Scheana to Dayna is in no way catty. Rather, he is just being “honest” about what happened.

Brett is the worst because he will never acknowledge the things he does and will always project his issues onto someone else. At least Jax knows he does shitty things on purpose.


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