We’re right there with you, Chrissy!

So apparently Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are huge fans of Vanderpump Rules because of course they are.

Chrissy and John called in to Watch What Happens Live to ask guest James Kennedy all kinds of questions.

Teigen asked,

“I have a question, John does as well. I really need to know who Lala is boning.”

And Legend added,

“Who’s Lala’s boyfriend? I gotta know.”

LOL! We knew the supermodel was a Real Housewives fan but this is so much better!

Chrissy also told the Pump Rules star,

“I’m obsessed with the DJ James Kennedy. I want him at my home, at my next event, I want to book him constantly. I’m infatuated with you, James.”

We’re also huge fans of Kennedy’s so it’s good to know we have company!

Teigen joins the ranks of stars who are addicted to the show, including Jennifer Lawrence. Screening party anyone?


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