Lisa Vanderpump Would Like to Weigh In on Jax and Brittany's Relationship

The truth has finally come out: Jax cheated on Brittany.

Of course, none of their Vanderpump Rules castmates were surprised, the least of all boss Lisa Vanderpump. The restaurateur recently chatted about Jax’s cheating scandal that went down in the most recent episode.

“I’m not surprised that he did it because I’m not surprised by anything that he does, but I was surprised that he admitted to it in the second episode. As an EP on that show, it looked like the finale!”

She’s not wrong, of course. Jax’s first cheating scandal, in which he cheated on Stassi and his second, where he slept with Tom Sandoval’s then-girlfriend Kristen, both took the entire season to play out on screen. Jax played the denial card until the bitter end.

As for Jax and Brittany, the couple insists they are still together, despite rumors to the contrary. Jax even recently said,

“We’ve kind of weathered the storm. We’re still going through it … [but] we’re in a great place now — probably better than we’ve ever been. I can say the last eight months have been better than when we first started dating. But yeah, it’s never good to watch this again. My main concern is that Brittany’s okay and making sure she’s getting through this. It sucks. You can run me through the dirt, but I just don’t want her to be hurt.”

As of the latest episode, Jax and Brittany are temporarily broken up so I guess we’ll see their reconciliation play out over the rest of the season.

Besides the big cheating revelation, Vanderpump Rules has promised plenty of drama. Lala returns, Tom and Tom fight with Lisa over the TomTom bar, and Stassi has more drama with Patrick (ugh!). Can’t wait!

Lena Finkel
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