'Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Makes Cruel Comments About Ariana Madix and Her Depression

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Every time you think Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor can’t get any worse, he somehow manages to sink even lower.

First, it was attacking Ariana for her sexuality, and now it’s her depression.

Recently, Jax decided to talk to Scheana about how he thinks that Ariana “uses her depression” for her benefit. Referring to Ariana, he said,

“Every time you’re okay and then you don’t like something, the way the conversation is going — ‘I’m depressed!'”

Essentially, he thinks that she uses her depression as an excuse when it’s convenient for her.

Obviously, this is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention completely offensive to anyone who has suffered from clinical depression.

We realize that for someone like Jax, or anyone else who’s never experienced clinical depression for that matter, it can be confusing.

Because depression doesn’t look like what you think it should look like, what you expect it to look like. Yes, sometimes depression means you can’t get out of bed, can’t shower, and you feel no motivation to leave the house.

But other times, depression looks like someone who is completely happy and bubbly on the outside only for them to be suffering on the inside. (Think: Robyn Williams and Jim Carrey). Sometimes you just want to hide your depression from everyone and you overcompensate by trying to appear like everything is fine.

But if you’re truly someone’s friend, then you just have to believe them. You have to believe that when they say that a phrase is triggering them, then you should back off. You have to believe that if they say that they can’t handle coming out that night, then that’s the place they’re in.

You might not understand your friend with depression. You might not understand how they’re acting or why they’re doing the things they do. But it doesn’t matter if you understand. Your job as their friend is to believe them and to be there for them. Period.

Screw Jax for accusing Ariana of “using” her depression for her convenience. It was incredibly brave and vulnerable of her to even talk about her depression in the first place and she shouldn’t have to defend herself.


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