'Vanderpump Rules' Stassi and Brittany Defend Katie After Cruel Fat-Shaming Comments

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On February 9, Katie Maloney-Schwartz glammed out with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars at E!‘s Oscars brunch. Decked out in a black off-the-shoulder blazer and a shimmery golden skirt, Katie was certainly dressed for the occasion. Unfortunately, some on social media felt it necessary to put down the look by bringing her weight into the equation.

The whole thing started when Katie’s costar and friend Brittany Cartwright took to Instagram to post a pic of the group at the event. Trolls immediately took the opportunity to write mean comments about Katie’s outfit as well as about her body. Katie posted a screenshot of one particularly cruel comments on her Instagram Stories, which said,

“You see the problem is that we watched Katie from the beginning and half the issue is not the outfit but the weight gain which make the outfits look a lot worse than they would look if she was in shape.”

vanderpump rules katie maloney weight gain
the picture in question

Both Stassi and Brittany were quick to come to Katie’s defense. Stassi commented on the photo and wrote,

“Everyone talking shit on Katie’s amazingly gorge alternative Parisian-chic Carrie Bradshaw look can go shave their backs now.”

Brittany added,

“Agree they don’t know what they are talking about!”

Katie has faced a lot of criticism for her body over the last few years in particular, with Pump Rules co-star James Kennedy calling her fat multiple times, once yelling “f*ck you, fatty” at her.

She also receives hateful comments from trolls on nearly all of her Instagram posts. On a recent photo from BravoCon, commenters told her she “needed to lose 10+ pounds” and to “stop eating carbs.”

vanderpump rules katie maloney fat shaming
Photos of Katie and the gang from the event; the screenshot of the troll’s comment

Although Katie didn’t specifically respond to the comment about her Oscars brunch look, she did address her issues with weight and body image in a surprisingly intimate Instagram story back in March 2019. She revealed to her fans her struggle with her relationship with her body and her journey to a more positive self-image. She wrote,

“Imagine finally finding the courage and strength to finally love yourself enough to stand up for yourself and then be ridiculed and torn down again. It took me 3 years. I was a very unhappy person. I took it out on everyone including myself. I was unlovable. I vowed to make some changes. And I did. For the last 3 years. I let MY BODY become a topic of conversation. I say ‘let’ because I didn’t have the courage or self-love to argue it. FOR 3 YEARS.”

She continued,

“I’m not perfect. I know who I am. But I’m not a weak bitch. I am going to continue to grow and remind myself of my own strength. If that makes me a mean bitch in your eyes then so f—in be it! I’m remaining true.”

Katie may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s a person first and nobody deserves to be attacked for how they look. Despite the horrible comments, she appears to be living her best life with her Vanderpump Rules friends and husband Tom Schwartz. And that’s a win in our book.


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