'Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Defends Boyfriend Tom From Ignorant Online Haters

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Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is not thrilled with the way her boyfriend Tom Sandoval is portrayed on TV.

This past Monday’s episode featured yet another seeming act of buffoonery from the Toms after the two showed up at the Tom Tom Bar despite Lisa Vanderpump telling them otherwise.

But as we all know, not everything is as it seems with reality TV. According to Ariana, the producers actually told the Toms to show up, faking the whole dramatic scene. She soon took to Twitter to write,

“The whole “the toms are idiots” schtick is so old and tired. Why can’t it just be real? Way more interesting imo.”

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But ignorant viewers couldn’t seem to understand that reality tv is, in fact, not real at all. One user, in particular, couldn’t stop challenging Ariana, saying,

“First of all @ariana2525 you asked how are the Toms supposed to listen & learn? Hell, they can’t seem to follow directions when told not 2show up. The two-year-olds can’t listen otherwise they wouldn’t have shown up when told NOT to come!! LISTEN Toms, for once! #VanderpumpRules.”

The user then added,

“So are you saying you didn’t know that they can’t follow a simple request…don’t come while we’re unloading the truck. And besides it wasn’t LVP that didn’t want them there it was the dude bringing the furniture.”

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But if you’re going to come at Ariana, you better think again. The reality star wasn’t going to let her off the hook so easy. She kept trying to explain that the scene was set up for the show. And according to Ariana, the boys have actually been working very hard on their part of the business — the cocktails themselves. She wrote,

“They spent months perfecting cocktails and finding ways to set the cocktail menu apart from other WeHo spots.”

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As for Ariana, she’s busy with her own business ventures. She’s currently still working on her cocktail recipe book.

She also recently announced that she’s coming out with her own skincare line, Facelixir. Although there’s no official release date, she promised that it was coming soon.

You can currently watch Ariana and the Toms on Vanderpump Rules on Bravo TV.


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