Oh, Tom.

Oh, Tom Schwartz. We feel for you, we really do.

You’ve endured the wrath of Tequila Katie over the years and now you face the constant verbal abuse of Bridezilla Katie. And while we know based on Instagram that the two do actually indeed get married, it’s pretty cringe-worthy watching them get to the aisle on Vanderpump Rules.

In his latest interview with E! News, Schwartzy continued to prove that he’s simply a novice at love.

When asked how to keep a girl happy, he responded, “Always agreeing with everything she says.”

Yeah, that sounds like a great way to end up secretly harboring resentment for years until you eventually call your fiancé a bitch on television. Oh wait, you did that!

Schwartz’s advice on what to do when you fight with your s/o was even more disastrous, offering up that you should “Make sure that they know that it’s their fault. Assign blame.”

We’re gonna hope this one was a joke.

Meanwhile, his castmate and bestie Tom Sandoval seemed much more knowledgeable and said that treating your girlfriend with respect was the key. That Ariana Maddox is a lucky girl!

Check out the video below for all of the Toms’ advice on relationships.

Photo by: Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment

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