Dark times.

We have hit dark times, people. Literally! And now The Washington Post has changed their slogan to reflect it.

The newspaper subtly changed their slogan on every aspect of their online presence, including all social media platforms to “Democracy dies in darkness.”

The words were first spoken by owner Jeff Bezos at one of the paper’s events last year and now they have gone public with the catchphrase.

A spokeswoman for the Post told CNN Money,

“This is actually something we’ve said internally for a long time in speaking about our mission. We thought it would be a good, concise value statement that conveys who we are to the many millions of readers who have come to us for the first time over the last year. We started with our newest readers on Snapchat, and plan to roll it out on our other platforms in the coming weeks.”

The new slogan was inspired by the President’s constant remarks that quality journalism is actually “fake news.”

Wow. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Buckle up, folks, this is going to be a long four years.

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