Gina talks the importance education in poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Gina Rodriguez has quickly transformed herself from new kid on the block to stellar role model.

In her ad campaign with Clinique, she talked about her childhood growing up in a “predominantly Latino community in Chicago — gang-infested, the neighborhood schools are probably the lowest in the city.”

She explained that she often found that kids got “caught up in a cycle of can’t and won’t.”

And while Gina had a lot of obstacles to overcome herself, she cites her parents as the reason she was able to break down those barriers and use education to break the cycle.

“There’s a difference between my passion, which is acting, and my life’s purpose. My life’s purpose is to free someone from those invisible shackles because they are invisible, they are an illusion.”

Now Gina devotes her time to speaking to high school students, university students and more.

Photo: Gina Rodriguez / Instragram

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