We Just Found the Most Sustainable Menstrual Cup Possible

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In the last few years, alternatives to traditional tampons and pads have been popping up everywhere.

With “sustainability” being the word on everyone’s lips, it feels like every brand is trying to come out with eco-friendly products. Now especially, menstrual cups, discs, period panties, and reusable pads have become more accessible than ever.

Out of all the options, the menstrual cup has truly blown up. You can now find cups in every major retail store and online and with a variety of independent brands.

Not every menstrual cup is made equal, however. And we all know that just because something says it’s sustainable, doesn’t mean it actually is (hello, greenwashing!).

Yes, swapping your tampons for a cup will decrease the amount of plastic waste that ends up in a landfill (the average menstruator uses 250 lbs of disposable period products in their lifetime!), but what about the packaging the cup comes in and the production and manufacturing process? There are so many things that go into whether or not a product is truly sustainable.

There is one brand however that seems to have it actually figured out: UltuCup.

most sustainable menstrual cup
courtesy UltuCup

UltuCup is perhaps the most sustainable menstrual cup on the market. They’ve carefully looked at every single part of the production process (down to the ink used on the manual!) to cut down on waste and make their environmental impact as low as possible.

The cup was created by a small group of industry experts who were determined to produce a truly sustainable menstrual product from top to bottom. The UltuCup team told us,

“Most products on the market are greenwashed, but that’s why we wanted to do better! We looked at not only the menstrual cup but everything that comes with it.”

They continued,

“We made the most sustainable decisions available: our packaging is not just compostable, it’s home compostable, meaning you can toss it in the garden with your banana peels — an industry first! Our user guide is printed on post-consumer recycled paper with the latest green-certified water-based inks. Our carrying case is made using GOTS-certified textiles. We ensure we source in North America, eliminating unnecessary fossil fuel use and keep things local, honest, and away from any questionable manufacturing processes.”

The cups themselves are made from 100% medical-grade silicone without dyes, coloring agents, or glitter.

As the team explained,

“Ultimately, we believe that ingredients are important, especially when it comes to inserting it into one’s body.”

best menstrual cups
courtesy UltuCup

On top of their passion for protecting the planet, the UltuCup team is also committed to ensuring their products are gender-neutral. After all, cisgender women aren’t the only ones who bleed!

They told us,

“We pride ourselves on being different in not only sustainability but also the fact that we are a gender-neutral brand. We love and support all those who love and support us!”

The packaging comes in three colors — neon yellow, aqua, and purple. And the fonts and other design elements are free from all that cutesy, feminine branding you see with other period products.

Additionally, the brand is careful to use words like “menstruator” and “user” rather than “woman” when referring to its customers.

If you’ve never used a menstrual cup before, it can definitely be a little intimidating. Putting the cup in and out takes a bit of practice. Luckily, UltuCup is there to make the transition seamless.

“Our tips, tricks, and secrets will make using a cup as easy as pie. Unless you don’t like pie, in that case, it’ll be like riding a bike, because who doesn’t like bikes?!”

And according to UltuCup, users who make the switch are ultimately glad they did. 8 out of 10 users never go back to their tampons or pads.

Need more convincing?

Multiple studies have found that using a menstrual cup can actually be better for your vaginal health than the alternatives.

According to a 2019 study by The Lancet Public Health Journal, menstrual cup users had lower bacterial vaginosis than those who used traditional pads, leading to the conclusion that cups might actually help maintain a healthier vaginal pH. On top of that, the risk of getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is lower when using a cup than when using a tampon.

best menstrual cup
courtesy UltuCup

Switching to a menstrual cup might feel like a big change at first but its impact on the environment (and on your vaginal health!) makes it all worth it.

If you’re not sure where to start, head to UltuCup’s FAQs to find the right size cup for your body or to their Facebook or Instagram to chat directly with a member of the team.

If in the end, you find that it’s not the right choice for you, every UltuCup comes with a 3-cycle money-back guarantee.

The team said,

“We believe menstrual cups are the best and most convenient option because they can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time. However, we encourage menstruators to use the best solution that works for them! Whether it be a menstrual cup, menstrual disc, period panties, or washable pads, our ultimate goal is to educate and encourage positive change for the environment and people’s personal health, regardless of how we get there.”

Start shopping for your UltuCup here.

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