In case you missed it, H&M recently released an extremely racially insensitive ad and artist The Weeknd was not having it.

The ad in questions showed a little boy wearing a hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.” Do we even need to explain why this is racist?

The Weeknd was pretty pissed (as were we all) and immediately took to Twitter to pull all ties to the fast fashion brand.

Within 24 hours, H&M released their own statement which said,

“We completely understand and agree with his reaction to the image. We are deeply sorry that the picture was taken and we also regret the actual print. We will continue the discussion with The Weeknd and his team separately.”

Honestly, it’s refreshing to have someone like The Weeknd take such a strong stand. A similar brand, Zara, has had numerous of these racist incidents (mostly anti-Semitic in their case) and yet they continue to have strong support. Numerous celebs wear Zara a regular basis and the brand faces no real consequences.

Although H&M insists that they will try to work things out with The Weeknd, it doesn’t sound like that’s so likely. Considering how many people at H&M had to sign off on that garment and that ad, they should have easily caught it. And someone like The Weeknd can’t be tied to a racially insensitive brand.

Luckily The Weeknd has a new collaboration with Puma. I have a feeling that will work out just fine for both parties. Bye, H&M!


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