Weird Gift Ideas for Couples in 2023

unique couple gift ideas

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If you ask me, gifting is an art. And no, I don’t mean giving someone a box full of chocolates to show how much you love them. I’m talking about something weird or extraordinary. You need to think outside the box when purchasing a memorable gift for someone.

Couples, you know how important it is to surprise each other with gifts. The best gifts are unique and well-thought-out, but they also need to be something your partner will enjoy. If you need a creative gift suggestion for your spouse or significant other, this list of weird gift ideas for couples will help you brainstorm!

1. A Mini Journal or Couples Letter Book

couple relationship gift ideas

A lovely scrapbook for couples with personalization. Ideal for use as a photo album to preserve memories. A present personalized ideal for Valentine’s Day or other important occasions and anniversaries.

2. Gift Box for a Prank DIY Vasectomy

couple gift ideas
credit: Edgar Soto

You can find homemade vasectomy prank gift boxes on different platforms, including Amazon, to make your subsequent gift unforgettable. This expertly printed box measures 11.5 inches tall by 9.25 inches broad and 4″ deep and is ideal for presenting everything from clothing to gadgets.

3. Matching Onesies

couple relationship

Wearing matching onesies will make you and your partner appear the cutest couple ever while lounging at home. They have an extra-soft fleece construction and a loose, comfortable fit that are perfect for rest and relaxation.

4. Chastity Cages


Consider chastity cages if you’re looking for a unique and daring gift idea for your partner. While perhaps somewhat unusual, it will definitely add excitement and intimacy to a relationship. Chastity cages are intended to prevent activity while also providing the wearer with a greater sense of pleasure and control. If you’re interested in looking into this option, check out this store’s selection of chastity cages. It could be the ideal gift for a daring and adventurous couple.

5. Customized Face Pillows


Custom pillows allow you to emblazon your pictures on cushions and pillows. You can order a plush pillow in various sizes by uploading some good headshots. It will be delivered right to your door in no time!

6. Couples’ Conversation Starters Card Games

couple woman playing cards

With these conversation starters for couples, you can get to know your partner more intimately. Whether you and your partner are just starting to get to know one another or have been dating for a while, the pack includes insightful questions that will teach you new things about one another.

7. A Good Activity Guide for Couples

couple relationship

Activity books for couples can help you and your partner connect more deeply during downtime. It’s a terrific method to enjoy yourself with your significant other rather than staring at your screens. This fun activity book contains various non-electricity or internet games, quizzes, and puzzles.


Gifts can be grand and inexpensive. If you are looking for cheap and quirky gifts, then the ideas listed above will impress your partner, at least slightly. And as the years go by, you should remember that a good relationship makes for weird and wonderful gifts for your sweethearts.