'Westworld' Season 2: Evan Rachel Wood on Everything You Can Expect this Season

Westworld has finally returned!

The season 2 premiered yesterday, and although we won’t reveal specifically what went down, we will get into what you can expect from the season as a whole.

Star Evan Rachel Wood is currently on the press circuit and has been discussing Dolores and what shit will go down with her. So we’ve gathered up all the important tidbits for your convenience. Read on to see what Evan has said so far.

Dolores Will Get Some Queer Moments

YAS! Fans have been dying for Dolores to get a queer storyline (Evan Rachel Wood is openly bisexual herself) and according to Evan, we definitely have something to look forward to.

“I don’t know about any storylines, but I was not disappointed. That’s all I can say. We’ll give you something. As a queer person, I’m like, ‘More.’ We will not leave you high and dry. That’s what I’m going to say.”

Dolores is Going Through Major Changes

We all saw a switch in Dolores in the season 1 finale and apparently, things are about to get intense.

“She’s kind of three different characters this season. She’s still the Dolores we know and love, but she’s also Wyatt, and she’s also this new thing that she’s creating as herself.”

At the end of season 1, we saw Dolores realizing that the voices in her head were a combination of Arnold, Dr. Ford, and herself, so she’s definitely got a lot to deal with.

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Dolores is Going to Suffer — A Lot

One thing Evan can reveal? It’s lonely at the top.

“She’s really alone this season, it’s lonely at the top of a revolution. I don’t think she always takes pleasure in the things she has to do. She suffers a lot in silence.”

Dolores and Teddy are Still Close

Evan explained that although Dolores is getting intense, she stills cares very much for Teddy and would never hurt him.

“Teddy is one of the few people that she can be vulnerable with.”

Dolores Officially Has Access to Her Memories

When Dr. Ford was running the show, the hosts could constantly be rebooted and would then lose all their memories. Not anymore.

“She’s certainly awake. She has access to all of her memories. What’s fun about the character this time around is she’s in control of what character she slips in and out of.”

Westworld airs on HBO Sundays at 9 PM.


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