What is Gemini Hair? The 2010s Hair Trend That's Making a Comeback

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2022 was all about the resurgence of the 90s and Y2K and now it looks like 2023 will see the reboot of the 2010s.

Case in point: the rising hair color trend that’s been dubbed “Gemini hair.”

What Is Gemini Hair?

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Nicki Minaj at the 2017 MTV VMAs
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Gemini hair (named after the astrological sign) is when you dye one half of your head one color and the other half another color. Back in the day, the trend was simply referred to as split dying, half and half dying, or two-toned hair.

In the 2010s, a lot of folks went bold with neon colors like orange, pink, blue, and more. But the 2023 version of the trend is expected to be a lot more toned down with folks opting instead for combos like lavender and blonde, pink and lavender, and blue and black hair.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Gemini Hair in the Past

kesha gemini hair split dyed two tone hair trend
Kesha at the 2013 AMAs
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A few celebs have tried out Gemini hair over the years include Nikki Minaj, who usually opted for half blonde and half neon blue or pink; Hayley Williams of Paramore, who notoriously rocked half orange and half pink in 2013; and Kesha, who went for more subtle pastels in 2013.

Two-toned hair made a bit of a resurgence during the height of the pandemic (people were *super* bored) and both model Georgia May Jagger and actress Ruby Rose took a stab at the look with Ruby going for bright colors and Georgia choosing turquoise and a pretty periwinkle.

How to Pull Off Gemini Hair

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If you’re a newbie to dying your hair, then the Gemini look could be pretty daunting. If you’re looking to switch it up a bit, try keeping your natural color on one half and only dying the second half a new color.

If you’re a total pro when it comes to dying your strands, you may want something a bit bolder. Opt for the black and blue trend if you’re feeling the Wednesday Addams grunge trend, or stick to pastels if you want to go for a more feminine aesthetic.

When you’re ready to make the plunge, make sure you go to an experienced hairdresser — this is definitely *not* a trend to DIY at home.

Need help picking a color combo? Head to Pinterest for a bit of inspiration before you go under the foil.


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