What is Stealth Wealth Fashion? How to Pull Off the Trend (Even If You're *Not* A Billionaire)

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With Succession season 4 in full swing, the term “stealth wealth” is back on everybody’s lips.

The Roys are the epitome of stealth wealth, particularly when it comes to their fashion.

But what exactly is “stealth wealth” fashion?

In the simplest terms, stealth wealth fashion is when you opt for designer clothing that bears no logo, monogram, or graphic of any kind that would indicate exactly *what* brand you’re wearing. That means no Louis Vuitton monogram bags, no Fendi logo crop tops.

Instead, brands like Max Mara and The Row are often chosen for their classic, minimalist pieces that are nearly unidentifiable without looking at the label.

For most people, logos and monograms are a way to instantly prove your wealth. That Dolce & Gabbana shoulder bag adorned with the letters “DG” is a way to not-so-subtly indicate your status to everyone around you.

But people who opt for stealth wealth fashion are so incredibly wealthy that they have no need to prove their status. In fact, doing so would be considered gauche (see: the Burberry bag on the Succession Season 4 premiere).

So, how do you pull off the stealth wealth aesthetic without the billionaire bank account? Check out how to get the look below.

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1. Stay Away From Logos, Labels, and Instantly Recognizable Patterns

stealth wealth fashion trend
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This is, of course, the most obvious rule to follow. Any designer clothing or accessories that bear the brand’s name, logo, monogram, or signature pattern is a huge no-no when going for stealth wealth.

2. Opt For Classic Pieces Rather Than Trendy Ones

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If you look at Shiv Roy or Rebecca Welton (from Ted Lasso), you’ll notice that they often opt for classic pieces rather than trendy ones.

This is not to say that you have to avoid trends altogether. Look at Sylvie from Emily in Paris and you’ll see that she often mixes and matches trendy and classic pieces.

3. Focus on the Fit

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One reason why the wealthy always look so impeccable is that they can afford to have their clothes altered and tailored precisely to their measurements.

Of course, we plebians can’t afford to do this on the reg, so we’ll have to plan accordingly. When shopping, try to find brands that complement and flatter your figure.

This is, naturally, easier said than done, especially if you’re curvy and/or plus-size. So you might need to invest in a bit of tailoring here or there. But it might not be as expensive as you think. Depending on where you live, getting a pair of pants shortened may only cost $10-$15, for example.

Just be sure you’re selective when it comes to which pieces you take to the tailor. Opt for longer-lasting pieces rather than fast fashion pieces that will fall apart after a few washes.

4. Quality Over Quantity

stealth wealth outfits
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With a limited budget, you’ll have to be picky over which pieces make it into your wardrobe. If you’re opting for stealth wealth, you’ll want to spend your money on a few quality pieces that will go with multiple outfits — think a classic pair of black pants, a fitted blazer, or a fine knit sweater.

5. Mind Your Metals And Materials

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As you may know already, there are certain materials and metals that look significantly more luxe than others.

When it comes to metals, yellow gold tends to look more expensive than silver. On the other end of the spectrum, rose gold pieces tend to look the cheapest.

When it comes to fabrics, silk and satin blends tend to give off luxe vibes while cotton-polyester blends can come off looking cheap. On top of that, cotton and polyester tend to look worn faster and after fewer washes.

6. Keep Your Eye Out For Sales

stealth wealth outfit ideas
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While you may not be able to afford name brands at full price, you might be able to afford a few pieces on sale. Fortunately, retailers like Nordstrom and Revolve have a ton of great sales where you can get pieces that fall in your price range.

Make sure you keep an eye out for annual sales by following your favorite retailers on social media or signing up for their email lists.

Brand Suggestions

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Finding quality pieces that meet all of the criteria can be tricky. So, we’ve provided a few of our top picks to help you get started.

The Drop By Amazon

Amazon’s in-house brand The Drop carries a ton of super stylish pieces that are well-made and, most importantly, completely devoid of all branding. They also carry a great mix of classic pieces as well as trendier items to mix into your wardrobe.

Le Specs

Le Specs is one of the few sunglass brands that offers a ton of great styles at affordable prices and doesn’t feature a logo of any kind.


Linjer is a gorgeous fine jewelry brand that carries high-quality pieces at affordable prices. Linjer is the perfect brand for anyone who prefers minimalist, classic jewelry. The brand also uses sustainable materials, which is always a huge plus.

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman is 100% our go-to when it comes to luxe-looking shoes. They offer a large selection of boots, sneakers, and sandals, all at prices we can actually afford.

Honorable Mentions:

Jewelry: Shashi, Jenny Bird
Clothing: Amanda Uprichard, ASTR the Label
Shoes: Schutz

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