What is Vabbing? Meet the TikTok Challenge That Has People Using Vaginal Fluids as Perfume

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Turns out the secret to getting the people to pay attention to you has always been in the palm of your hands… that is, if you have a vagina and are willing to “vab”.

Vabbing“, is the newest TikTok craze that people with vaginas are swearing by.

To put it simply, it’s using your vaginal juices as a sort of perfume. The theory is that you use your pheromones to attract someone. The vaginal juices are put on your wrists, behind your ears, really wherever you normally put perfume, and used as a way to draw people to you. And I, like many others, thought this was some weird joke when I first saw it. But, I am also weirdly enthralled by this concept. Leave it to Gen Z to make playing with yourself into some sort of pheromone perfume.

It turns out however that this isn’t some new Gen Z craze, however. YouTube sexpert Shan Boody has been using this method for well over a decade. She claims that it’s been successful for her, and her clients who have been looking for partners in some way.

The question many are asking is: Does it really work?

Well, according to Healthline, there isn’t really any evidence to back up this claim. In fact, no studies have been done to see if “vabbing” is a legitimate thing.

So, we just have sexperts and others rubbing their juices all over their bodies and claiming miracles.

Some TikTok users, however, seem convinced it works.

In the comments, there are many people that swear by vabbing and saying it attracts lovers, free drinks, and all good things.

@jewlieah he owns a hair salon in the area, so he came back & gave me that gift, then he said that he would like to grab happy hour with me🫠 VABBING WORKSSSSSS #vabbing ♬ original sound – jewlieah

Other people are weirded out by it. After all, rubbing your bodily fluids all over your body does seem… weird. But there’s a huge part of me that really wants to try it to test the waters and see if this is true.

There are loads of replies calling it disgusting, asking why someone would put coochie juices just to attract someone. The aversion most likely stems from the fact that we are taught that vaginas are dirty and should be kept a secret. But also for the hundredth time… it’s fucking weird. And I don’t know who would’ve thought this should be a thing people do.

But, for the sake of honesty, my morbid curiosity got the better of me. So, on Sunday after my shower, I did exactly what TikTok told me to do. I stuck two fingers up there and smeared my juice behind my ears, and on my wrists. I looked in the mirror, part of me was begging myself to jump back into the shower and wash myself off of me. Another part of me thought “If my youth pastor could see me now.”

Now, I didn’t have anything to really do that day other than just run some errands. I figured if this really worked, I should be able to pick people up no matter where I am. Right?

And the verdict?

Absolutely nothing happened. It could be a number of things: I was out with my daughter who was constantly crying for me — I definitely think that would put someone off. Or, it could be that my coochie isn’t powerful enough. OR it’s that smothering your vaginal fluids on your body to attract people just doesn’t work.

Halfway through the day, I realized I was just walking around with myself in the hot summer and felt icky. So, I rushed home, showered again, and put that behind me. Vowing to tell only the whole internet about this.

So, for me, vabbing didn’t work and it’s one of the few TikTok trends I’ve regretted trying. However, if it works for you, please let me know. I really don’t know how long vabbing will be popular, but I think it’ll at least lead to some more hilarious responses.


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