If you’re a piercing addict and love keeping up with the latest piercings trends then there’s one you absolutely need to know about: the auricle piercing.

Auricle piercings have become particularly popular in 2021, especially among celebrities.

So where exactly is the auricle piercing?

popular piercings 2021

The auricle piercing is located approximately in the middle of the outer ear, right in between the lobe and the helix. (Some diagrams have the auricle placed a little higher up, but then you risk running into helix territory).

The piercing is one of the more advanced ones but that doesn’t mean beginners can’t pull it off. So, if you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, check out how various celebrities are rocking the trendy ear piercing and how you can pull it off yourself.


piercings trends 2021
credit: Rihanna / Instagram

It should be no surprise that piercing queen Rihanna has embraced the auricle trend! Rihanna recently rocked the look in a campaign for Fenty Beauty on Instagram where she wore oversized gold hoop earrings on her lobes and two medium gold hoops, one on her 2nd lobe and one at her auricle.

This look is perfect for a night out when you want to truly make an entrance. Feel free to play with textures and colors to create a variety of looks. Or stick with all gold for a more cohesive style.

Dua Lipa

most popular piercings 2021
credit: Dua Lipa / Instagram

Dua Lipa has found a great way to embrace the advanced piercing while also maintaining a minimalist vibe.

In a picture she recently posted with boyfriend Anwar Hadid, she chose to skip the lobes altogether and only wears a little huggie hoop at the auricle location as well as a little stud on her upper cartilage. This is a perfect everyday look that can wear from day to night.

FKA Twigs

trendy piercings 2021
credit: FKA Twigs / Instagram

FKA Twigs loves a stacked ear! Here you can see her rocking a mix of charms and studs from her lobes to her upper helix (and yes, that includes the auricle!). The great thing about this look is you can mix and match earrings to create an infinite amount of looks.


celebrity piercings 2021
credit: Halsey / Instagram

In this picture posted to Instagram, Halsey is rocking a statement pearl drop earring on her lobe and a huggie hoop with a star charm on her auricle. Halsey’s look is a great way to embrace your creativity and experiment with a more embellished look.

Go with pearl earrings like Halsey for a more elegant style or go with a whimsical stud to dress it down.

Kaitlyn Bristowe

popular piercings 2021
credit: Kaitlyn Bristowe / Instagram

Hoops for days! Kaitlyn Bristowe embraced gold hoops for a simple and classic look back in January. As you can see, she wore a larger hoop on her lobe, a medium hoop on her 2nd lobe, and a smaller hoop on her auricle.

Gold hoops pretty much go with everything so this is a perfect way to embrace the new style on a daily basis.

Nicole Richie

piercings trends 2021
credit: Nicole Richie / Instagram

Nicole Richie often loves to wear an ear stacked with hoops and this look is no different. Here, you can see Nicole wearing crystal-embellished gold huggie hoops from her lobe to her auricle.

Feel free to go matchy-matchy like Nicole has, or mix it up with a variety of hoops for a more whimsical vibe.

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