27 Vintage and Recycled Pieces We're Buying For Fall

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As the weather finally starts getting colder, it’s time to start crafting our fall wardrobe.

But, in the name of sustainability, we’re hoping to buy only vintage and recycled items instead of fast fashion. Enter Urban Renewals, which offers three types of garments: vintage, recycled, and what they call “remnants”.

Vintage is exactly what it sounds like; recycled is a 100% upcycled garments that they “reimagined”  to create a new piece and therefore no two items are exactly the same; remnants is also upcycled but uses small pieces of various fabrics (instead of sourcing from just one garment) but is produced in a way that the items are exactly the same.

Obviously, vintage is the best because it requires minimal manufacturing, but all of these options are better than buying new.

So, let’s get into it. Below are our favorite choices for this fall and winter.

Jackets and Blazers

Sweaters and Sweatshirts





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