Why These 5 Feminist Period Brands Are So Important

feminist period companies

Long gone are the days where we only have two tampon brands to choose from. Now, there are a ton of amazing period companies that are going above and beyond the call to duty — and doing some really important work along the way.

Some companies are dedicated to ending period poverty and the stigma that surrounds menstruation. Others are determined to embrace inclusivity and create products for menstruators of all genders. And then there are those that are tackling sustainability and trying to reduce the amount of period product waste that ends up in our landfills, oceans, and sewers.

If all of this sounds good to you, check out five of our favorite feminist period companies that are out there trying to change the world, one tampon at a time.

1. Aunt Flow

While Aunt Flow sells organic pads and tampons for both individual and business needs, the brand’s true passion is advocacy work.

Aunt Flow is determined to end period poverty and make menstrual products more accessible. They’ve donated over 500,000 period products to organizations in the U.S. and continue to donate — for every 10 tampons sold, they donate one to those in need.

Aunt Flow not only sells organic pads and tampons for individual use, but the brand also works closely with schools and businesses and encourages them to provide free menstrual supplies.

As if that wasn’t good enough, Aunt Flow is also careful to use gender-inclusive language in all their marketing and branding materials.

2. GladRags

Two words: reusable pads.

GladRags‘ aim is to reduce the horrifying amount of waste created by period products every year. Their comfy all-cotton cloth pads are reusable and easily cleaned and come in fun colors and patterns that will please all gender identities.

The company hopes to make an impact on our menstrual trash by reducing waste, as well as make an impact on your budget (the idea is that you’ll spend less on their pads than you would on disposable pads in your lifetime). The company also offers menstrual cups, cleaning supplies, and panty liners.

3. Lunette Cups

While there are a ton of menstrual cups out there to choose from, Lunette is truly a stand-out. The brand is all about destroying stigmas around periods and reducing the shame attached.

They’re also committed to gender inclusion and offer cups in lots of colors (not just pink!). As if that wasn’t cool enough, Lunette has also donated more than 3,000 menstrual cups to help reduce period poverty.

4. TomboyX

While TomboyX is mostly known for their awesome underwear that caters to all sizes and genders, they also have a line of “leak-proof” period underwear that embraces the same principles.

The underwear comes in numerous styles including bikinis and boxer briefs. Sizes go up to 6X and each pair holds up to 4 tsps of liquid.


PERIOD is an incredible non-profit organization as well as a global movement that is determined to end period poverty and the stigma that surrounds menstruation. The organization tackles its mission via education, advocacy, and service. PERIOD distributes free menstrual supplies to those in need and gave out 5 million period products in 2020 alone.

They also empower communities to combat period poverty through local chapters in 49 states and 50 countries.


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