Why You Should Try Chlorophyll Water

chlorophyll water health benefits

Look around. It’s almost as if everywhere you turn people are mixing green and rich-looking chlorophyll with their drinking water or iced tea hoping to get a slice of its purported health or nutrition benefits.

But amidst the unprecedented and still growing popularity of organic liquid chlorophyll, one can’t help but wonder whether there are any meaningful or legit upsides of integrating this supplement into their nourishment regimen. This short but in-depth excerpt attempts to explore this subject to illustrate to you why you should try chlorophyll water as part of your wellness, skincare, and fitness endeavor.

Exploring the Little-known Benefits of Chlorophyll Water

From the outset, it is important to point out that you will need the best liquid chlorophyll drops on the market for you to unleash some of the benefits outlined here. Only the well-formulated drops from reputable vitamins companies will pack all or almost all of the health benefits of integrating this green plant pigment into your supplementation plan. Without further ado, here’s a quick primer on that.

1. You Will Get Clearer Skin

chlorophyll water benefits
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It may seem or sound like just a plant pigment that is responsible for giving plants their lush green color but you’d be amazed by what using liquid chlorophyll can do to your complexion.

For starters, chlorophyllin — the active component in chlorophyll drops — has demonstrated the ability to reduce cellular inflammation and lessen bacteria growth in lesions and skin wounds. In fact, there’s a 2008 review that demonstrates how applying an ointment containing urea-papain-chlorophyllin tincture sped up the healing of wounds several times fold.

In other words, this means that if you are looking to repair sun-damaged skin or heal acne lesions or papules, then dabbling into chlorophyllin-formulated drops can pay significant dividends when it comes to clearing up your complexion.

2. It’s a Weight Loss Secret

chlorophyll water health benefits
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One of the most recognized claims about the benefits of taking liquid chlorophyll is its impressive weight loss support. And, as fascinating and unbelievable as taking chlorophyll drops for weight loss may sound, there is actually a series of studies that can back this up. There is a 2014 study, for instance, that illustrates how over 30 female participants who were trying to lose a couple of excess pounds found taking chlorophyll to be quite instrumental to their efforts. This, nonetheless, is not that strange taking into account that taking chlorophyll is believed to be helpful in lowering one’s harmful cholesterol levels.

In case you are wondering, one of the many ways that chlorophyll appears to help with weight loss centers around its perceived ability to reduce the urge to consume palatable food in excess.

Speaking of which, the best way to tap into this is by adopting a habit of consuming chlorophyll water just before breakfast.

Make sure you consult your doctor first, however, before starting your weight loss journey.

3. It’s a Revered Blood Builder

chlorophyll water benefits
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Some experts believe that regularly consuming liquid chlorophyll can aid in improving the quality of one’s red blood cells and their composition. There’s a 2004 pilot study that suggests that taking wheatgrass ( a tincture that contains at least 70% chlorophyll) decreased the number of blood transfusions required in people suffering from thalassemia, a rare blood disorder. The analysis of this study pointed out that it is possible that regular consumption of chlorophyll had a net positive effect on how fast the human body is able to regenerate erythrocytes.

4. It’s a Natural Deodorant

benefits of chlorophyll drops
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Chlorophyll’s peculiar ability to help fend off bad odors shines so bright that it is regularly mentioned as one of the best internal deodorants with zero side effects. And it is easy to see why. You see, chlorophyllin has been used for decades to neutralize or cancel out certain odors exuded by the human body. And unlike conventional internal deodorant pills, it is completely organic and not laden with fillers or potentially harmful compounds.

These internal deodorant chlorophyll benefits are best captured through a 2019 study that found out how people suffering from trimethylaminuria (a condition characterized by a fishy odor) found long-lasting relief by incorporating liquid chlorophyll into their diet. Some users have also reported that this internal deodorant has helped them fight off bad breath (halitosis) or at least reduce its intensity.

5. It’s a Dependable Detoxification Agent

health benefits of chlorophyll water
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Chlorophyll has been shown to have some incredible detoxification properties that could come in handy for anyone looking to improve their internal and cellular health. It’s actually based on the natural ability of chlorophyll to oversee the excretion of potentially harmful toxins via vacuoles (these are cell organelles responsible for overseeing excretion). Researchers believe that by improving someone’s capacity to eliminate waste products from the body, liquid chlorophyll is also somehow able to restrict or slow down the growth of body tumors, especially those involving liver, pancreatic, and stomach cells.

So incredible are chlorophyll’s detoxification properties that there’s even a small study that involved four volunteers which proved how it is even able to limit the extent of the damage caused by ingesting aflatoxins. Now, don’t forget that aflatoxin is one of those carcinogenic substances that we regularly encounter through contaminated grain or grain products, suggesting that taking chlorophyll has more important health benefits than merely being an internal deodorant for gas. There are even ongoing human trials on how eating a chlorophyll-rich diet could impact colon cancer risk but the verdict is not yet out.


While there are many benefits that could be alluded to by taking chlorophyll water, the most significant one (just in case you are doubting its usefulness) is its antioxidant capacities. Experts believe that these supposed capacities are more than 1000 times superior to conventional antioxidants such as theobromine, caffeine, xanthines, or even theophylline. In other words, you’d be in a much better position to resist environmentally-induced oxidative stress that is responsible for a myriad of serious illnesses if you started taking chlorophyll water. Clearly, as you can see for yourself, there is more than what meets the eye when chlorophyllin is mentioned.