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With our reproductive rights regularly under attack, access to safe and affordable healthcare is more important than ever.

And yet, thousands of folks across the country lack the resources to simply see a doctor or obtain the medication they so desperately need.

To say that healthcare in the United States is expensive would be an understatement. In fact, a 2019 study found that Americans spend more than double on healthcare compared to the rest of the western world.

Because not only do we have to deal with ridiculously high monthly insurance premiums, but we also have to cover co-pays, consultation fees, medication costs, and mounting hospital bills.

And that’s not nearly the only problem we face. Access is also an issue, especially for low-income folks, people of color, and those living in rural areas.

But now there’s a brand that’s changing the game: wisp. Wisp knows exactly how hard it is to access affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare and it’s ready to help. And you don’t even need health insurance.

Matthew Swartz, CEO of wisp, told us,

“We are one of the most affordable options out there, with no consultation fees and one free month’s worth of meds.”

He continued,

“Our doctors select top generic birth control options to make birth control as accessible as possible. This is at the core of wisp’s mission — increasing access to care.”

affordable healthcare
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Through wisp’s online portal, you can get medication for pretty much every major sexual and reproductive health issue. This includes birth control and emergency contraception, as well as meds to treat yeast infections, UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and more.

And everything is completely customizable. You get to choose how and when you get your medication so you can have it delivered to a local pharmacy or mailed directly to your home in a discreet package.

On top of that, wisp also offers easy access to doctors through what they’ve dubbed “wispcare.”

Wispcare lets you talk with a doctor whenever you need it — whether you just need a one-time consultation or you’re looking for ongoing care.

As Matthew explains,

“Wispcare is our telehealth solution for patients who need access to a primary care doctor. Whether they just need a prescription refilled or lab referral or don’t know exactly what treatment they need for symptoms they’re experiencing, these patients come to us because they either don’t have insurance or easy access to a doctor.”

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courtesy wisp

But wisp doesn’t just aim to offer affordable and accessible healthcare, the company is also actively working towards restoring people’s faith in doctors.

It’s no secret that many women don’t have great experiences with doctors, or with healthcare in general. Women of color, in particular, are often dismissed or ignored, leading to a deep medical mistrust. Additionally, plus-size women often have to deal with weight bias and fatphobia from the people who are supposed to be helping them.

One look on the internet and you can easily find thousands of stories from women who have gone years without getting a proper diagnosis. And this is something that wisp aims to rectify.

Matthew said,

“Wisp was founded because of these negative doctor experiences.”

He continued,

“We’re fiercely sex-positive, which begins with inclusivity for all backgrounds and body types. This mission is core to everything we do — from the hiring of our doctors and employees to the immediate service we provide patients, to the patient feedback we collect and incorporate into our platform and service. While we are still learning about different areas where we can help improve the process for our patients and are always striving to do better, we are guided by this mission and our desire to improve the healthcare experience for everyone.”

affordable healthcare
courtesy wisp

In addition to their affordable healthcare initiatives, wisp is also committed to giving back. During the 2021 holiday season, they donated 1% of all proceeds to organizations like the New York Birth Control Access Project and Sex Ed for Social Change.

They also recently started their Artist Collabs, where they partner with independent artists to design the inside of their packaging.

Mathew explained,

“This was born out of the pandemic — when our creative team noticed that the artist community was getting hit particularly hard with the sudden shutdown. We decided to work with like-minded artists on the design of the interior of our wisp boxes (the exterior is left blank for discretion!). These artists were tasked with representing wisp’s mission of providing affordable, accessible, and inclusive care.”

Across the board, wisp is truly changing the meaning of what healthcare could be — and they’ve only just begun. Wisp is still continuing to launch new products and services, becoming a one-stop shop for all things reproductive and sexual health.

To learn more about how wisp can help you, head to their website here.

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