Because being a woman in tech isn’t hard enough.

source: Pexels

Being a woman in tech is already hard enough: you’re in the minority and often have to fight to get your voice heard. And now according to a new study, they’re bound to get sexually harassed as well.

According to the study, 23% of female techies had experienced harassment on the job, compared to just 4% of men. Unfortunately, women at the top of the career ladder were no less likely to experience such unwanted advances. The study cited that female executives were even more likely to experience sexual harassment with 1/3 of those surveyed admitting to experiencing harassment at work. How horrible!

Of course, with any study, this is only a very a small snapshot of what is going on. But we hope with the release of this information, more women in tech will feel comfortable speaking out since they know they are not alone.

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