‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel Details Revealed

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Warning, if you have not yet seen Wonder Woman, stop reading now! There are spoilers ahead!

Wonder Woman’s smashing success has not only broken box office records but has shone as a testament to what female filmmakers and actresses can do (i.e. literally anything, duh).

And now, film fans are speculating that a sequel is possibly in the works.

Although it has not been officially announced, it is more than likely that Wonder Woman 2 will happen. Additionally, director Patty Jenkins is supposedly working on a treatment, although she has not yet been announced as the sequel’s director. But she better be!

And a new report from Screen Rant dishes a few details about the proposed sequel. Here’s what we know from their piece:

1. It will be set in the 1980s, with Diana fighting the Soviet Union during the cold war.

2. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine’s character) may return. In case you forgot, Steve died in the first movie. But perhaps he did not? I guess we never did see his body. We will have to see.

Although we only have these two small details, their specificity makes us hopeful that the sequel is actually happening.

To hold you over until then, read our piece on how to find your own Wonder Woman strength.

Allie Bush
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