This has been a wonderful Pride Month and things just got a little sweeter for trans individuals.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced a big change in the way trans men and women will be classified.

In the medical world, being transgendered is called “gender dysphoria,” which fell under the mental health category. Not anymore!

The WHO has officially reclassified gender dysphoria, also called gender incongruence, as a sexual health issue and not a mental health one.

This is a huge deal. Claiming that trans men and women have a mental illness stigmatizes them, creating the illusion that they are in some way crazy. So it’s wonderful that the medical community is finally realizing that that is simply not the case.

Ady Ben-Israel, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, told Refinery29,

“People have been working for so many years to depathologize transgender identities across the gender spectrum. Normalizing gender diversity is essential to ending discrimination against our communities.”

And it sounds like the medical world has finally figured that out. In a Q&A posted to YouTube, a representative from WHO explained that they now had a better understanding of trans individuals, which is what led to the change.

Now that being gender incongruence will be categorized under “sexual health,” trans folks can access the healthcare they need, like hormones, gender reassignment surgery, and more.

Of course, this is all merely happening in the medical world, and it will take a while before the stigma of being trans is truly removed. But hey, it’s a step in the right direction, and that’s all we can ask for.


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