Your Quarantine Binge: 10 TV Shows With Badass Female Friendships to Make You Feel Less Alone

tv shows to binge watch quarantine

It’s safe to say we’re all feeling a bit stir crazy with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’ve just started social distancing or you’ve already been self-quarantining for a bit, odds are high that you could use some reliable laughs right about now.

Since you can’t hang out with your best friends at the moment, your ~virtual~ ride-or-dies are ready and waiting to keep you company. Here are our top picks and where to stream them.

1. Broad City

broad city

Even a pandemic can’t keep these two legends from making you laugh. Arguably the most realistic look at female friendships today, Abbi and Ilana are just what you need in these COVID-19 times.

Live vicariously through them as they maneuver what it’s like to be twenty-somethings in New York City today. Stream every single episode to your heart’s content on Hulu.

2. Gilmore Girls

things to binge during coronavirus

Is there a life lesson Lorelai and Rory didn’t teach us? Defs not. Laugh and cry with your favorite mother-daughter duo of all time, and take solace in knowing there are other people just as addicted to their daily cup of coffee, too.

Stream all seven seasons on Netflix.

3. New Girl

quarantine binge watch list

A great show to binge right now is anything filled with jokes so good they will literally make you laugh out loud. Which brings me to New Girl.

Get to know quirky Jess, her bestie Cece, and her hilarious roommates via all seven seasons on Netflix. You’ll be happy you did.

4. 2 Dope Queens

coronavvirus binge watch tv shows

What began as a truly original podcast, 2 Dope Queens eventually became an iconic stand-up special series of the same name on HBO.

Laugh with Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson throughout all eight of the female-directed episodes. Or, check out some of the podcast eps that inspired it all.

5. Parks & Recreation

girl power tv shows binge watch

Truly, what did we do with our lives every year on February 13 before Leslie Knope introduced us to Galentine’s Day? (The OG “Galentine’s Day” ep is S2E16.) How did we know that self-care was as simple as three little words? (Treat Yo Self Day is S4E4. You’re welcome.) For all of that and the gift that keeps on giving AKA Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins’ friendship, we have Parks and Recreation to thank.

Binge all seven seasons on Netflix and rely on Leslie’s never-ending optimism to get you through the next few weeks coronavirus has in store.

6. The Powerpuff Girls

powerpuff girls where to watch

Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles should be the mascots of all 90s kids’ childhoods. Relive some good old nostalgia by binging all your favorite episodes on Hulu and rediscover why your younger self loved this animated classic so much.

7. The Proud Family

proud family reboot

If you’re feeling an animated show vibe then you can’t go wrong with a marathon of The Proud Family. It will provide the much-needed family vibes you might be missing right now. Plus, no other animated character has the swag Penny pulls off.

Find all episodes on Disney+ and catch up before the upcoming reboot.

8. Lizzie McGuire

lizzie mcguire reboot

If the past two recommendations got you feeling nostalgic, then Lizzie’s got you covered. While we’re still recovering after learning the revival has been postponed indefinitely, you can catch OG Lizzie on Disney+ in all her barrette-filled glory.

Experience all your favorite episodes again and let Miranda and Lizzie’s friendship console you as you try not to eat all of your quarantine food.

9. Insecure

insecure season 4 premiere date

Leave it to Issa and Molly to make us all feel understood and highlight some of the insecurity we’re feeling right about now.

Binge seasons one through three on HBO and laugh your way through the next few weeks.

10. Sex and the City

sex and the city

Last but not least, no binge list is complete without Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

While some Sex and the City episodes haven’t exactly aged well, you’ll still enjoy infamous moments that left their mark on pop culture and can still be felt today. (I recently came to terms with scrunchies being back in style and that wearing one doesn’t mean I’m not a New Yorker. If you know, you know.)

Let Carrie take you back to a time before dating apps when you ghosted people with post-its instead. Stream the entire series on HBO.


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