‘You’re The Worst’ Aya Cash is Tired of Female Nudity Being a Given on TV

It’s time we stop assuming that all actresses are game to go nude on TV. At least, that’s what Aya Cash thinks.

While chatting with Elle.com about the sex scenes on You’re the Worst, Aya explained her disdain for the way female sexuality is exploited on TV.

“As a young girl, that’s what you get asked to do all the time, and it’s completely gratuitous. It feels like there’s just an expectation that if you decide to be an actress, your body is public domain.”

Couldn’t agree more — in fact, it’s considered out of the norm if you refuse to do nudity. Other actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker have been forced to “explain themselves” when it came to their no-nudity stance.

Of course, Aya has had her fair share of sex scenes playing Gretchen, but she insists it isn’t full-on nudity — “it’s incredibly graphic simulated nudity.” She added,

“I still don’t enjoy doing them. I wish I was some cool girl who was like, ‘Yeah, it’s no big deal!’”

But Cash and her costar Chris Geere try to make the best of the situation. She once told Glamour,

“We’re both pretty silly. I try to make him laugh though. In the pilot, my pasties would say, ‘Hi, Mom!’ or little things like that, because [sex scenes are] so not sexy. It sounds cliche, but it’s not sexy at all.”

Even on social media, Cash has been pretty vocal when it comes to tackling sexism in the industry.  She previously posted to Instagram about auditioning for offensive roles. But now that Aya has a hit show on her hands, she’s making those terrible auditions a thing of the past.

“I’ll be less rich, and maybe less famous, and that trade-off is absolutely okay.”

You’re the Worst will end with it’s fifth and final season this year.


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