'New Girl' Season 7: 'It's a Love Letter to the Fans'

Beloved comedy New Girl is sadly ending after it’s seventh season, which premieres on April 10th.

The cast and crew have been making their press tour rounds to promote the season and give fans a teaser of what to expect. One thing to know for sure? The final season is a gift for the show’s most devoted followers.

Creator Elizabeth Meriwether described the upcoming season as “a love letter to the fans,” with writers throwing in a few “Easter eggs” for the most hardcore fans to discover.

Even though season 6 ended with things mostly wrapped up, Meriwether really lobbied for an additional season, both for the fans and for her own sake. She said,

“I’m so passionate about this show. It’s been my life for seven years. I did feel really good about the end of season six, but I really wanted a chance to say goodbye to the show with a final season. A lot of ends had been tied up in the sixth season and the network had questions about what happens next. I love these characters and I love this cast and the people who work on this show so much. Seven years, shows don’t really run that long anymore. It’s been like family for me. I fought for a final season and hopefully it was worth it.”

We bet it will be worth it! So what else can fans expect to see in the final season? Here’s what we know so far.

1. There’s a time jump.

Season 7 takes place 3 years after the season 6 finale. That seems like a good point from which to launch a “where are they now” kind of season. According to Executive Producer Dave Finkel, the time jump was intended to really wrap up each character’s story.

“The whole show was built on this idea, on characters that were broken, and we needed to see at the end of this story: Are they going to fix each other? Are they going to be OK? Is it going to work out? I think we can say… yes.”

Another Exec. Producer Brett Baer added,

“This was always a show about growing up and this was a way to put our final bow on it.”

new girl final season
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2. The season is short.

The final season will be just 8 episodes long. But that’s probably for the best. As much as we love holding on to our favorite shows, we never want them to drag out or overstay their welcome.

3. A lot has changed in three years.

The new season will obviously stem from some of the major events from the end of the 6th season, as well as include some new surprises. Nick is a successful YA author, and he and Jess are traveling the world on a book tour. But things aren’t so different. Zooey Deschanel said,

“They aren’t married and don’t have kids. There’s room for growth.”

As for Schmidt, he’s a stay-at-home-dad and a helicopter parent over his and Cece’s daughter, Ruth, which we can totally picture. Max Greenfield said,

“He’s just trying to figure out a way where he can get rid of all responsibility in his life and dedicate all the focus to his child.”

Last but not least, Winston is married with a child on the way and is finally going to get to meet his long-lost father.

new girl season finale
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4. Jess is up to something…suspicious?

Jess may be in hiding in the last season. During a press tour, Zooey Deschanel stated that,

“[Jess’ has been a witness in a federal – I don’t know how much I can give away…She hasn’t been working for a few years.”

And then Elizabeth Meriwether jumped in to say “Let’s leave some stuff for mystery.” Intriguing…

5. Someone’s going to die.

Say it ain’t so! Hannah Simone, who plays Cece, said that,

“There’s a death of a pretty big cast member that’s pretty heartbreaking for all of them.”

Any guesses?

We’re sad to see such a great show come to an end, but can’t wait to see what’s in store for this new season.

Allie Bush
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